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Hello Kitty Valentine

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I hope everyone had a happy Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day:] Did you receive any Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day card? How about Hello Kitty shaped chocolates or flowers? James and I celebrated our second Valentine, previously we promised each other we will only make hand-made presents for Christmas and buy each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. But procrastination has led us into making each other Valentine’s Day present instead, since we didn’t exchange presents this past Christmas <3

James and I exchanged our first hand-made presents in 2008, He made me the best hand-made Hello Kitty sweater I have ever seen <3 But because I can’t wear the sweater every day, I always mentioned that it awesome to have Hello Kitty on a backpack. Then, I can carry it around every where. My dream came true this year!

We decided to exchange backpacks, I made James a dolphin backpack because he loves marine animals with his favorite Sanrio character, Badtz Maru O:]

My Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel backpack:D

Dear Daniel even gave Hello Kitty a flower <3 Happy Valentine’s Day, Kitty! Love, Daniel!

Hello Kitty posing with her flower :]

Dear Daniel looking handsome, as always!

The backpack was stuff with Hello Kitty goodies: Hello Kitty phone charm in Korean Hanbok, Hello Kitty slippers, 2 x Hello Kitty plush, Hello Kitty candies and Hello Kitty arts and craft.

James’s dolphin backpack featuring Badtz Maru :D

Close up picture of the cute dolphins couple.

James love hats! So I decided to make a hat for the boy dolphin.

For the girl dolphin, she’s wearing a bow because I heart Hello Kitty and the bow represents Hello Kitty.

I stuffed James’s backpack with the most random items: Mickey Mouse plush, sea otter plush [They're hugging each other, how cute!], Aquarium of the Pacific patches, Badtz Maru with paper clips and CHOCOLATE <3

I think we can be models now..haha, okay maybe not. Can you see the balloon in the background? I found it for James, when I saw it I knew it would be perfect! Our favorite characters in one balloon, Hello Kitty riding on dolphin <3


Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies Giveaway!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up in a month! So what exactly is Valentine’s Day? Well it is a special day when lovers express their love for each other <3 by sending Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates or flowers:] This year Sanrio has teamed up with Walgreen’s Retail Drug Store to present us a special Hello Kitty TY Beanie Baby plush.

Walgreen’s Retail Drug Store Valentine’s Day Section: Can you see the Hello Kitty Valentine Cards and Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies?

Here is a closer look! Aren’t they just adorable?  You can now enter for a chance win one of these lovely Hello Kitty TY Valentine Beanie Babies? Scroll down for more details!

LOL Hello Kitty Army!

These Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies actually came in two designs if you haven’t notice already, they have different bows:D Which one do you like more?

The two designs consist of Hello Kitty in different bows: Solid Red Bow and White Heart Prints on Red Bow. She is also holding a bag of Hello Kitty Jelly Beans from her recent collaboration with Jelly Belly. You can refer to previous post: Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly.

This Hello Kitty TY Beanie Baby is definitely an addition to “The Beanie Babies Collection.” United Kingdom has also introduced a collection of Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies:

Hello Kitty Blue Angel TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Gold Angel TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Pink Angel TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Punk TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Rock TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Retro TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Strawberry TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Tartan Plaid TY Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty Original TY Beanie Babies


TO ENTER: Make a comment and tell me which one of the above Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies is your favorite and why? [This rule must be followed for all entries to count.]


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