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Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection: Winter 2010

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Hello Kitty x Jakks Pacific’s Winter 2010 Collection has just arrived at Target! I was at Target helping a friend buy a set of the Designer Collectible Figurines and found these new plushies in the Hello Kitty section…

Hello Kitty Plush: Pink Plaid, Red Skirt, Blue Fabric

Hello Kitty lion, zebra, bear and koala plush with removable hoods <3 [Note: this is the second collection.]

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines: Set of 8 [Front view]

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines: Set of 8 [Back view]

A friend from Singapore really wanted this Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurine Set. I wanted to do a good deed, so I decided to help her buy it:D While observing the figurines…I debated if I should get a set for myself:P

These Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines featured at both Target and Toys”R”Us, apparently Claire’s also carried a similar edition in a set of 3, please refer to previous post: Hello Kitty Sightseeing at Claire’s

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Soap Kitty and Rubber Ducky Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Retro 80’s Kitty and Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Peace & Love Kitty and Flower Power Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Piano Kitty and Boom Box Mimmy

Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection Fall 2009/Winter 2010


My friend from Singapore also wanted this Hello Kitty Wrap for iPhone [Suggested retail price $9.99], which apparently is a discontinued item. Lucky me I found one after going to 3 Target Stores. I ended up at a Target store that was suppose to have 3 in stock, but they only found 1 in the stock room :[ Booo! Good news is that you can order it online again, but it still wouldn’t be available for another 2-4 weeks.

Do you currently own any Hello Kitty items from the JAKKS Pacific Collection? If so, which ones? If not, which one is your favorite?

For more information regarding JAKKS Pacific Products, you can check out their Facebook fan page. Please feel free to check out previous post: Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection

Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection

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Back in February 2009, Sanrio signed Jakks Pacific to produce a line of Hello Kitty toys for fall 2009. This specific Hello Kitty Collection debut in Target national wide this fall, featuring figurines, play sets, plush toys and much more. After making multiple trips to Target, I finally got my hands on more than half of the collection.


Hello Kitty Plush: Apple, Kimono, Cherry


One day after work, James decided to surprise me and got me this Hello Kitty Quick Stepper. They come in sets of two, and each set plays two songs! You can also punch in codes for 4 extra songs:]

I was so fascinated by the music and the dance steps. When we were at Target today, I promise him we wouldn’t wander into the Hello Kitty section because time was so limited. I was following him around the store and he lead me to the Hello Kitty toys:


Red Tag ALERT! They were on sale for 50% off. It was definitely a must, so we picked up the other two sets:]


Connect the Quick Steppers together to form dance line! Arms, Legs and head move to the music. Note: Need to learn how to unlock the hidden songs:]


Hello Kitty cheetah, panda, bunny and lamb plush with removable hoods <3 [Note: On Jakks Pacific's site, the second collection will include a lion, zebra, bear and pink monkey.]


Hello Kitty 35th anniversary small plush – 5 pack. “Each colorful Hello Kitty stands for a Hello Kitty emotion: red is for friendship, pink is cute, yellow means happy, green is for hope and purple is sweet.”


Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection