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Hello Kitty Fashion Show

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I was lucky enough to attend the Hello Kitty Fashion Show held this evening. Thanks to a special friend I met on “Hello Kitty’s Birthday Party/Workshop” two Sundays ago. This is apparantly the last and final event of “Three Apples.” :[ The 15-20 minutes show was put together by Irene + Stephanie and JapanLA, featuring over 20 artists and 14 models, plus Hello Kitty herself<3.

I attempted to take some pictures to share with you:]


Featuring Designers:

Antiseptic Designs, Artifice Clothing, Boring Sidney, Bubbles and Frown, Ego Assassin, Fiftyseven-thirtythree, Iamchubbybunny, Jessica Louise, Onch Movement, Pink Macaroon, Pizzicato Kei, Shrinkle for Hello Kitty, Sugar Mafia, Topsy Turvy Designs, and Toxic Vision [If I missed anyone, please let me know!]


Last picture with Hello Kitty @ Three Apples Exhibition Celebrating her 35th Birthday :]

Basic CMYKBasic CMYK

Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade

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As for this evening, Sanrio has collaborated with Bubble Punch for a magical night of dancing, gothic-inspired costume and masquerade, free to the public! And obviously I would not even think about missing out. I arrived there shortly after 5:30pm, since Royal/T was schedule to close between 6-8pm. I wanted to be sure I was the first 100 people in line, since gift bags were being handed out like previous events.

Many of us were eager to get in and some were excited about the new Limited Edition Hello Kitty Black Hair Bows designed by Iamchubbybunny. I decided not to get my hands on it this time, since I already own the red bow. When doors opened at 8pm, the line was already around the block, people were crowding inside the tiny 10,000 square foot art space, café and retail store. I got confirmation stating there were over 1000 people in attendance!

When we step inside the building, the first thing I notice was the beautiful decorations and the bundle of Hello Kitty balloons. I manage to get a picture before the crowd.


I decided to take a tour to the back of the gallery, but as I was walking there, staff members of Royal/T were selling sweets!


Hello Kitty’s Bats and Cats Masquerade Cake, $4 per slice!


I love sweets! I got my hands on this cute, Hello Kitty Mint & Chocolate Chip Cupcake, $3 per slice. On top of it, there is a piece of white chocolate with a Hello Kitty print on it, but don’t let the image fool you, it’s actually a paper printed on top of the chocolate. I was so disappointed:[ Being a pig, I took a bite of the


Later on in the evening, I ran into Misha, one of the "Three Apples" artist! I also decided to take a picture with Miss Hello Kitty Policeman. She was guarding the door for Hello Kitty since there was a major long line of people waiting to take a picture with her, including myself <3 While we were standing in line, "The Wandering Marionettes" did a special performance combined with punk and hip-hop moves and their costumes were really unique.


Hello Kitty @ her Bats and Cats Masquerade Three Apples Exhibition Celebrating her 35th Birthday :]