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Hello Kitty 2010 Black Friday Sale, Part 2

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I <3 Black Friday shopping! You never know what kind of surprises you will find. This year I didn’t really get a chance to do an all day shopping, since I was in a rush to travel back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. But I did manage to squeeze a couple hour before departing. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to take me to San Francisco Centre Shopping Mall to visit one of my three favorite Sanrio Boutique Stores :]

For some reason, my first stop was actually Hot Topic instead of Sanrio. I bet you want to know why, I saw this very attracting sign,

“TODAY ONLY! Buy a special edition $9.50 hello Kitty tee and get a FREE Lady Gaga Poster!”

Hello Kitty x Lady Gaga T-Shirt

Hello Kitty x Sanrio 50th Anniversary Design Your Own Gift Card

Hello Kitty T-Shirts and Accessories at Hot Topic

This is one of my favorite ones <33

After being in Hot Topic for a good 5-10 minutes…I rushed to Sanrio, there wasn’t a big crowd yet. But I had already found myself being very indecisive as usual. I was making my way around the store until I saw something very unusual, I feel in love <3 I have an obsession with Hello Kitty appliances and guess what I saw?

Hello Kitty Hair Irons! I have done a lot of research and obviously Japan already sells Hello Kitty hair iron, but I never knew they sold them in the states.

Hello Kitty Ceramic Curling Iron

Hello Kitty Ceramic Curling Iron Back of the Box

Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron

Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron Back of the Box

I haven’t gotten a chance to play with it yet, but I will definitely let you guys know how good the product works! For those of you who are interested in buying it, you can also buy them at or visit one of your local Sanrio Boutique Stores <3 Good Luck!

Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly and Hot Topic

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Ever since Hello Kitty and Jelly Belly team up to released a “10-Flavor Gift Box.” I have been wanting to get a box and try out the 10 delicious jelly bean flavors! I LOVE JELLY BELLY!

I finally found the Hello Kitty 10-Flavor Gift Box at a gift store in Monterey Bay, CA

The Hello Kitty 10-Flavor Gift Box includes: Berry Blue, Buttered Popcorn, Cinnamon, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Tangerine, Green Apple, Juicy Pear, Watermelon and Very Cherry.

My favorite Jelly Belly flavor is definitely “GREEN APPLE” <3 What is your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

The Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly is so popular, they even made a pocket size Hello Kitty Flip-Top Box with 20 assorted Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors. I found these at Hot Topic today:D

I ate the entire box of Jelly Beans the moment I walked out of Hot delicious:D

Hello Kitty Apple Scented Glitter Body Spray from Hot Topic:] While I was testing out the spray, I realize it was apple scent [my favorite fruit] <3 It also came in Vanilla Scent.

Hello Kitty Hot Topic Gift Card:]

For more information regarding the Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly Team Up, please visit their webpage: For information on Hot Topic x Hello Kitty, please visit: