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Hello Kitty x Demeter Fragrance Library

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Only 8 days left until Sanrio’s 50th anniversary and Sanrio have already collaborated with many brands. One of the many collaboration is Demeter Fragrance Library. Sanrio has teamed up with Demeter Fragrance Library to create, “The Sanrio Anniversary Collection“. This collection will be featuring different scents relating to the many Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, My Melody and The Little Twin Stars are the first to be featured in the market back in June. You can officially pick yours up online or at your local Sanrio store or Demeter Fragrance Library’s official website.

Photo taken by Demeter Fragrance Library

I personally don’t usually wear perfume, but when it comes to Hello Kitty, I just had to run out to the store and get one:] They come in 4 different sizes, 1/2 oz purse spray, 1/2 oz cologne splash, 1 oz and 4 oz cologne spray and prices start at only $6 USD. That’s super cheap for perfumes <3 and the Hello Kitty ones smells like heaven with apples!

Which one is your favorite Hello Kitty x Demeter Fragrance Library in “The Sanrio Anniversary Collection”?

Countdown to Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary!

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Time flies by so fast, don’t you think so? In just 9 days, Sanrio will be marking their 50th anniversary. So let’s countdown to all the event and collaboration they will be promoting for their 50th anniversary.

It was only less than a year ago, Hello Kitty celebrated her 35th birthday. I wonder if Sanrio has anything plan for this big event. Let’s all hope they have something awesome:D Maybe another awesome event like “Three Apples”

I know I am kind of late on this, but on June 15th they have officially released this poster at all Sanrio stores, if you purchase $50 or more you can get this collectible Sanrio 50th Anniversary poster. So for those of you that still didn’t get yours yet, make sure you stop by at your local Sanrio store and pick one up while supplies last!

I Heart Hello Kitty Social Network

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The name “I Heart Hello Kitty” originated from, I ♥ Hello Kitty’s Facebook group which was created back in October 24th, 2006. Originally I created the group so that Hello Kitty fanatics around the world would be able to get together for discussions, share pictures, links, videos and all that cool stuff. The group got so big that I can no longer send mass messages for events and such.

After playing around with the Ning network, I finally decided to create one and extend the I ♥ Hello Kitty’s Facebook group into it’s own Social Network. Basically all the functions that is on Facebook is featured on Ning. Some of the popular ones are forums, photos, events and blogs. It’s going to be great, we will be able to rebuild our I ♥ Hello Kitty’s Facebook group community and become friends with each other and possibly have meet ups, pen pals, gift exchange and much more.

For those who are obsesses with Hello Kitty and wants to meet other people that share this similar interest, please feel free to join and invite your friends!

Here’s the link: I ♥ Hello Kitty’s Social Network

Hello Kitty Gachapon Mobile Mirrors and Giveaway

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Japan took gachapon [toy vending machine] one-step ahead of America, instead of putting candies and stickers they reconstructed it into a toy gachapon, consisting of collectible figurines and accessories inside a plastic capsule. I remember being in Japan and there were rows and rows of Gachapon appearing in bookstores, video stores and convenient stores. Here in the states you can only find them at Asian markets or shops.

Gachapon toys usually come in a set, so while I was done grocery shopping at a local Asian super market. I saw a few gachapon machines and one of them was a Hello Kitty Mobile Mirror Set – Collect all 6! I fell in love with it and decided to get a few…


Hello Kitty Mobile Mirror Collection 1 – Collect all 6!


Gacha-Gacha-Gachapon! Pon Pon :]


What’s inside the capsule?


Hello Kitty Mobile Mirror Collection 1 – Front Side Instruction


Hello Kitty Mobile Mirror Collection 1 – Back Side Instruction


Definitely Collect all 6! <3 So I got 5 in six tries :] LUCKY ME! I got double in one of the capsules! But sadly it took many more tries to get the last one :[ My favorite one is definitely my last and only one <3 Hello Kitty with an apple on top of her head <3



For more information about gacha or where you can obtain them, you can check out their official website at


TO ENTER: Part 1 – Go to the GachaUSA webpage and and tell me which Hello Kitty Gachapon Series you like and also tell me which Hello Kitty Mobile Mirror you like and comment in one single post.


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Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty <3 Gift bags were being handed out again to the first 100 visitors in line:] I almost overslept this morning, as we rushed to Royal/T! When we arrived there, it was barely 7am. The line was already at the fence compared to last Saturday. As I walked towards the end of the line where my friend Angela was standing at, we were #62 in line :D


I love the cute Hello Kitty Hoodie that Angela’s wearing, even though it’s made for kids, it fits her really well. It was completely sold out at the pop-up store, so I’m on a mission to find my Hello Kitty Hoodie too:]

At about 9am, the people who worked for Royal/T finally came out and gave us tickets to prevent people from cutting. Everyone behind and in front of me were all really upset, due to all the people cutting in front :/ When I saw the lady approaching us, the tickets that she had left seem like it was barely enough for us. I was standing right behind Angela and she had two tickets left…one for me<3 and one for James…yes we were…99 and …100. How AWESOME IS THAT?!?


James was kind enough to give his ticket to a girl we met last week, Yazmin, she was such a sweet girl! I hope you had fun!


I also met up with two Lolita girls who were in line with me last Saturday for Hello Kitty’s Fan Appreciation Day. We were all lining up for the autograph signing from Kitty Mama “Yuko Yamaguchi” Hello Kitty’s head designer and Simone Legno for “Tokidoki”


Photo by Zippercuts, Figure Drawing with Three Apples Artist Gary Baseman, $15 material fee, registration required.


Hello Kitty & Toby posing for us :]


I’m working hard, this is my first time being confident drawing and being proud of myself!


Class Photo with all the participant @ Gary Baseman’s Figure Drawing Workshop. The little girl next to me is so CUTE and her DRAWINGS TOO ;]


I was walking around after the workshop and I ran into Gary Baseman at the front of the Gallery. Gary is such an awesome person, he loves to talk and start conversations. We went on and on and we almost lost track of time. I had to go all the way back to my car to pick up my sketchbook, but it was worth it. Not only did he autograph my book, he drew a cute little girl holding Toby and Hello Kitty <3


Photo by Angela Wan, Toy Workshop with Three Apples Artist Buff Monster, $15 material fee, registration required.


I love this workshop! It was a completely DIY project. The Hello Kitty toy bank that we are holding is actually a, “Paint your own Hello Kitty Bank” from Target or ToysRus, for $9.99. Everyone was so creative, I decided to stay on the original side and painted an original kitty. Some of us took advantage of this workshop and painted a pink kitty, momoberry kitty, hawaiian kitty, nerd kitty, pirate kitty, and even a pumpkin kitty.


We took a funny class photo with all the participant @ Buff Monster Toy Workshop. Everyone was so creative, I’m so glad I participated in this workshop!


As we were exiting the VIP room where the workshops were being held. Angela saw this Hello Kitty head and couldn’t resist, she made me put it on after her. This Hello Kitty head was one of the original heads that Sanrio x MAC used to promote their makeup line. And they were actually worn by men at the MAC store.


Hello Kitty Sushi & Bento Box Workshop with acclaimed chef, “Sushi Girl“, $15 material fee, registration required.


Step by Step sushi making <3


My Hello Kitty inspired sushi & bento box. Now, I can make Hello Kitty bento box for lunch!


I was a bit upset this time, we didn’t get to take a class photo :[ But, we did take a group photo, from left to right: Angela, Sushi Girl, James, me and Ann. I hope you guys enjoyed your FOOD<3 I LOVE FOOD! yummy!


After seeing many pictures and fans ordering the high tea set, I decided to order one for myself <3 Along with my high tea set, it came with:


Royal Milk Tea!


Happy Birthday Hello Kitty:] 200 cupcakes were make for this special event. Hundreds of fans joined LA Ladies Choir to sing “Happy Birthday” to Hello Kitty. Tons of fans were swarming against Hello Kitty to take pictures as she left the scene, including myself at a distance:]


Hello Kitty @ her Birthday Party, she turned 35 today, but she’s still young at heart :]