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Hello Kitty “Three Apples” Gift Bags

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Remember those long cold mornings at “Three Apples”? Standing in line early in the morning and waiting for gift bags? Dealing with people budging [butting, skipping, cutting] in line? Seeing people getting frustrated because gift bags were only available to the first 100 visitors in line?


Hello Kitty Fan Appreciation Day Gift Bag. This bag made my day, the bag was quite heavy with miscellaneous Hello Kitty gifts inside, including Hello Kitty Strawberry News, Hello Kitty lotion, notebook, mirror, Pez dispenser, chap stick, candies, puzzle and coloring book ;]


Hello Kitty Halloween Party Gift Bag: I really like how Sanrio put this together and gave us a toothbrush, encouraging us to brush our teeth after we go Trick-or-Treating :P


For Halloween, I dressed up in a Hello Kitty yukata and Dave from Sanrio gifted me a Hello Kitty Fan. And I also received a Paint Your Own Hello Kitty Bank for bringing in a self-inspired carved pumpkin :]


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Gift Bag: Similar items from Hello Kitty Fan Appreciation Day,  but they added Hello Kitty bubbles, stickers and Loungefly pins <3


Hello Kitty Birthday Tiara and Wand were given out during the birthday cake cutting ceremony for kids, I guess I am still a kid after all :]


Hello Kitty Meet the Artist Party Gift Bag: This is one of my favorite gift bags, it really made sense how they gave us a coloring and activity book, plus a shimmering art package with metallic pens on the day the we met the artists. I can’t wait to doodle on my new arts and crafts book!


Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade Gift Bag: Part 1. When I called the prior day, Royal/T Cafe informed me that gift bags were given out in the morning. After waiting in line for a couple hours, I realize that JapanLA posted that gift bags were to be given out in the evening. I was a bit frustrated, but when doors open at 10am with about 20 people in line. Dave from Sanrio informed us that he would give us something just for coming out :]


Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade Gift Bag: Part 2. This was given out in the evening, Hello Kitty desk calender, I LOVE IT <3


Hello Kitty Fashion Show: Part 1. This was by far the crappiest gift bag, but I guess since it was the last day they probably ran out of gifts? A lot of people was disappointed, some waited 5-6 hours for this bag :[ Look on the bright side, Hello Kitty straws!!


Hello Kitty Fashion Show: Part 2. After receiving gift bags from the morning, I assumed they were completely out of gifts. But when we got inside, I saw rows of Hello Kitty tote bags <3 You can also get this tote from  Toy”R”Us, happy hunting!


Hello Kitty Three Apples Gift Bags: Part 1.


Hello Kitty Three Apples Gift Bag: Part 2.


These gift bags were left sitting in the hallway outside of my room ever since Three Apples. I finally decided to go over all my gift bags and I realized I had too many duplicate items. I will be donating most of these gifts to a local toy drive this holiday season and hopefully they will go to great homes with children to help “Spread the love of Hello Kitty” <3

Hello Kitty 2009 Black Friday Sale, Part 1

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Black Friday is finally here!

Sanrio boutique stores throughout the nation this year will be participating in this years Black Friday sale! They will be having an “Early Bird Special” today on November 27th. 25% off on anything you can fit into a Hello Kitty shopping bag <3

hellokittyblackfridayPhoto by NakajimaUSA, November 2009 Promotions’s Black Friday madness!

Target’s Hello Kitty $15 appliances are back! The 2-Day Sale starts today, Friday, November 27, at 5 a.m. and ends tomorrow Saturday, November 28. “Exclusively at Target! Hello Kitty bubble gum dispenser or tea cup clock radio, *All other Hello Kitty Appliances also on sale”


Photo by Target, Weekly Advertisement.

Sleepyheads Pajamas is giving a 40% discount on their entire Hello Kitty pajamas and loungewear collection. This offer is only available on November 27th, 2009 and cannot be combined with any other offers.


Photo by Sleepyheads, Promotional Code: HK40

Mimoco x Hello Kitty will be releasing the fifth and final edition to the 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Flash Drive Collection on Black Friday (11.27, today!) at Mimobot Pop-Up Shop at Munky King. Don’t miss out on a 20%-50% off the entire store this Friday 11.27, 12-7pm. In honor of this, they’ll be handing out gift bags [which I will be missing out] to the first 50 people, featuring gifts from Sanrio and Lucas film studios! For more information, please check out the events at Munky King.


Photo By Munky King event promotion :]

Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade

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As for this evening, Sanrio has collaborated with Bubble Punch for a magical night of dancing, gothic-inspired costume and masquerade, free to the public! And obviously I would not even think about missing out. I arrived there shortly after 5:30pm, since Royal/T was schedule to close between 6-8pm. I wanted to be sure I was the first 100 people in line, since gift bags were being handed out like previous events.

Many of us were eager to get in and some were excited about the new Limited Edition Hello Kitty Black Hair Bows designed by Iamchubbybunny. I decided not to get my hands on it this time, since I already own the red bow. When doors opened at 8pm, the line was already around the block, people were crowding inside the tiny 10,000 square foot art space, café and retail store. I got confirmation stating there were over 1000 people in attendance!

When we step inside the building, the first thing I notice was the beautiful decorations and the bundle of Hello Kitty balloons. I manage to get a picture before the crowd.


I decided to take a tour to the back of the gallery, but as I was walking there, staff members of Royal/T were selling sweets!


Hello Kitty’s Bats and Cats Masquerade Cake, $4 per slice!


I love sweets! I got my hands on this cute, Hello Kitty Mint & Chocolate Chip Cupcake, $3 per slice. On top of it, there is a piece of white chocolate with a Hello Kitty print on it, but don’t let the image fool you, it’s actually a paper printed on top of the chocolate. I was so disappointed:[ Being a pig, I took a bite of the


Later on in the evening, I ran into Misha, one of the "Three Apples" artist! I also decided to take a picture with Miss Hello Kitty Policeman. She was guarding the door for Hello Kitty since there was a major long line of people waiting to take a picture with her, including myself <3 While we were standing in line, "The Wandering Marionettes" did a special performance combined with punk and hip-hop moves and their costumes were really unique.


Hello Kitty @ her Bats and Cats Masquerade Three Apples Exhibition Celebrating her 35th Birthday :]


Hello Kitty Meet the Artist Party

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JapanLA & Sanrio in Association with Juxtapoz Magazine hosted today’s Hello Kitty Meet the Artists’ Party! Over 80 artists participated in the “Three Apples: Hello Kitty Art Show.” But about 20 artist were present in today’s party! Live Paintings were done throughout the day, featuring the artists below:


Peekaboo Monster @ 2pm

Angry Woebots @ 4pm

Camilla d’Errico @ 6pm


Hit+Run did a Live T-Shirt Screen-printing. With limited T-Shirts designed by “Three Apples” artists: 64 Colors, Buff Monster, Mark Dean Veca, Pasticgod, Crowded Teeth and Hit+Run based on their original art work in the Hello Kitty Art Exhibit. $20 per T-Shirts, one T-Shirt per person and you can have up to 3 prints on one T-Shirt!

At the reception, I met over 15 artist who participated in the Hello Kitty Art Gallery:


I met Dorothy aka (Dessert Obsessed) at Gary Baseman’s Workshop last Sunday! She is so awesome, she is like a two in one package dessert + Hello Kitty = <3 In the middle is Misha, she is totally into Hello Kitty, I had a chat with her and she told me she’s been to every event they had so far :]


Plasticgod :] He’s super cool, he was one of the artist who arrived super early to the event today! He told me he was dropping off his second collection of Hello Kitty artwork and he decided to just stick around.


I really like Angry Woebots style, his piece from the Hello Kitty Art Gallery was an angry cat, but I guess he decided to do something different today.


Buff Monster is just hilarious, I took his “Toy Workshop” last Sunday and he just kept laughing at all our paintings, he really made it fun!


I didn’t get to talk to Mari Inukai for long, but she was born and raised in Japan and came to the US to pursue her studies in art.


Dan Goodsell also know as “Mr. Toast” released a 19 piece watercolor of Mr. Toast and Friends with Hello Kitty and Friends, for sale at the show today for $30 per piece. If you are interested in seeing pictures of his artwork, you also check out his blog.


I wanted to take Natalia Fabia’s Jewelry Workshop two weeks ago, but I waited until last minute to sign up and the workshop was already SOLD OUT! If you have already check out her art piece for the Hello Kitty Art Gallery, isn’t it realistic? When I first saw it, I asked my boyfriend, why did this artist just take a picture, anyone can do that! He told me to look closely, I was indeed Shock!!


I spotted out Melly Trochez right away when she was carrying her Gift Bag from Sanrio:] Her piece is so distinct from other artist. If you look closely, on the top right corner she wrote her boyfriend’s name on it. I’m not sure what language it is in, but it blended in with her art work so smoothly.


I was sitting down on those white couch towards the back of the gallery and Thomas Han had his back face towards me, but I definitely notice him when he turn towards me. And other fans were trying to get his autography too!


I was speaking with Camilla d’Errico’s sister before she completed her live painting today, she flew over from Italy just to see her perform! How exciting it that to have such a wonderful sister <3 Camilla herself also flew from Canada to be here at the event today, her painting is so fine and detailed.


Two artist in one picture, how often does that happen:] Here we have Jason Han to the left and Luke Chueh on the right.


To be honest, I have really examined Jim Manfood’s art work, I’m holding my “Three Apples book and here’s his piece.


I didn’t spot Melissa Contreras until the finale live group painting. She’s wearing a pendant that she drew for the Hello Kitty Art Gallery. She told me she also designs Jewelry and she might be collaborating with Sanrio to make a Jewelry line.


Crowded Teeth, her art work also featured in today’s Hit+Run T-Shirt Screen Printing.


Deph was one of the artist’s whose work did not make it out to the exhibit due to the limited amount of time they had to complete it.


Gary Baseman try to run into my picture with Hello Kitty, so I invited him to take a picture with us :] He is such a nice guy, I probably spend more time talking to him than any of the other artist out there tonight. I also took his “Figure Drawing Workshop” last Sunday, he found me on Facebook and asked if I was the, “troublemaker in his class.” I thought it was hilarious!


As I was planning to leave tonight, I got stuck in the doorway and I spotted out Simone Legno, the designer for Tokidoki.


Here are the Finished paintings from today’s show, again by Peekaboo MonsterAngry Woebots and Camilla d’Errico.


Hello Kitty @ Meet the Artist Party Three Apples Exhibition Celebrating her 35th Birthday :]

Basic CMYKBasic CMYK

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty <3 Gift bags were being handed out again to the first 100 visitors in line:] I almost overslept this morning, as we rushed to Royal/T! When we arrived there, it was barely 7am. The line was already at the fence compared to last Saturday. As I walked towards the end of the line where my friend Angela was standing at, we were #62 in line :D


I love the cute Hello Kitty Hoodie that Angela’s wearing, even though it’s made for kids, it fits her really well. It was completely sold out at the pop-up store, so I’m on a mission to find my Hello Kitty Hoodie too:]

At about 9am, the people who worked for Royal/T finally came out and gave us tickets to prevent people from cutting. Everyone behind and in front of me were all really upset, due to all the people cutting in front :/ When I saw the lady approaching us, the tickets that she had left seem like it was barely enough for us. I was standing right behind Angela and she had two tickets left…one for me<3 and one for James…yes we were…99 and …100. How AWESOME IS THAT?!?


James was kind enough to give his ticket to a girl we met last week, Yazmin, she was such a sweet girl! I hope you had fun!


I also met up with two Lolita girls who were in line with me last Saturday for Hello Kitty’s Fan Appreciation Day. We were all lining up for the autograph signing from Kitty Mama “Yuko Yamaguchi” Hello Kitty’s head designer and Simone Legno for “Tokidoki”


Photo by Zippercuts, Figure Drawing with Three Apples Artist Gary Baseman, $15 material fee, registration required.


Hello Kitty & Toby posing for us :]


I’m working hard, this is my first time being confident drawing and being proud of myself!


Class Photo with all the participant @ Gary Baseman’s Figure Drawing Workshop. The little girl next to me is so CUTE and her DRAWINGS TOO ;]


I was walking around after the workshop and I ran into Gary Baseman at the front of the Gallery. Gary is such an awesome person, he loves to talk and start conversations. We went on and on and we almost lost track of time. I had to go all the way back to my car to pick up my sketchbook, but it was worth it. Not only did he autograph my book, he drew a cute little girl holding Toby and Hello Kitty <3


Photo by Angela Wan, Toy Workshop with Three Apples Artist Buff Monster, $15 material fee, registration required.


I love this workshop! It was a completely DIY project. The Hello Kitty toy bank that we are holding is actually a, “Paint your own Hello Kitty Bank” from Target or ToysRus, for $9.99. Everyone was so creative, I decided to stay on the original side and painted an original kitty. Some of us took advantage of this workshop and painted a pink kitty, momoberry kitty, hawaiian kitty, nerd kitty, pirate kitty, and even a pumpkin kitty.


We took a funny class photo with all the participant @ Buff Monster Toy Workshop. Everyone was so creative, I’m so glad I participated in this workshop!


As we were exiting the VIP room where the workshops were being held. Angela saw this Hello Kitty head and couldn’t resist, she made me put it on after her. This Hello Kitty head was one of the original heads that Sanrio x MAC used to promote their makeup line. And they were actually worn by men at the MAC store.


Hello Kitty Sushi & Bento Box Workshop with acclaimed chef, “Sushi Girl“, $15 material fee, registration required.


Step by Step sushi making <3


My Hello Kitty inspired sushi & bento box. Now, I can make Hello Kitty bento box for lunch!


I was a bit upset this time, we didn’t get to take a class photo :[ But, we did take a group photo, from left to right: Angela, Sushi Girl, James, me and Ann. I hope you guys enjoyed your FOOD<3 I LOVE FOOD! yummy!


After seeing many pictures and fans ordering the high tea set, I decided to order one for myself <3 Along with my high tea set, it came with:


Royal Milk Tea!


Happy Birthday Hello Kitty:] 200 cupcakes were make for this special event. Hundreds of fans joined LA Ladies Choir to sing “Happy Birthday” to Hello Kitty. Tons of fans were swarming against Hello Kitty to take pictures as she left the scene, including myself at a distance:]


Hello Kitty @ her Birthday Party, she turned 35 today, but she’s still young at heart :]