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Hello Kitty Toys”R”Us

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For the first time in ages, I went to Toys”R”Us when I found out there was a sleeping over coming up. They were the only place that sold the Hello Kitty Sleeping bag :] In fact, Toys”R”Us actually carried a whole line of Hello Kitty merchandise. I would have never thought about that until I came across the sleeping bag.


Hello Kitty Sleepover Set comes with a dual handled canvas tote and an eye mask.


Hello Kitty Plush Throw: Fleece Blanket


James insist that I should get another one of these fleece throw, now I have three :] I <3 it, its so warm, especially during winter time!


Toy”R”Us was having a promotion, with any $30 Hello Kitty purchase, you will receive a Hello Kitty Holographic Boxed Beauty Set during the month of November. [Valued at $12.99.]





I was surprise that Toy”R”Us had almost an aisle full of Hello Kitty.


Toy”R”Us carried a lot of similar items from Target, but one item I never seen at Target was this Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Plush. Yes, it’s a Toys”R”Us Exclusive limited edition plush! She looks tiny, but she’s actually 18″ tall and very soft and cuddly. I must go back to and take her home in the near future before she’s SOLD OUT <3