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Hello Kitty 2009 Black Friday Sale, Part 2

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Black Friday is now officially over, but the Holiday Shopping season has just begun!

For the first time ever, I made a trip out to Target on Black Friday. Target posted some crazy advertisement to lure Black Friday shoppers this year. When doors opened at 5am, the line was already wrapped around the mall. I found myself stumbling around the whole store, even though I knew where the Hello Kitty appliances were at. There was just absolutely no room to move with people shoving here and there. After I got to the otherside of the stores, I finally spotted pink boxes along with rows of Hello Kitty on the top shelves.

“Exclusively at Target! Hello Kitty bubble gum dispenser or tea cup clock radio, *All other Hello Kitty Appliances also on sale”

Rows and Rows of Hello Kitty Appliances :]

Hello Kitty Gumball Dispenser/Machine - Pink

Hello Kitty Gumball Dispenser/Machine – Pink

Hello Kitty 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Clock Radio with Night Light

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Clock Radio with Night Light

Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hello Kitty Table Lamp

Hello Kitty Table Lamp

Hello Kitty Mini Water Dispenser

Hello Kitty Mini Water Dispenser

I left Target with 7 appliances, the only thing I didn’t take home was the Hello Kitty Toaster since I had it already :D

Of course I forgot something! Before I checked out, I wandered into the $1 section and found more items for my $1 Target Hello Kitty Collection, which concluded my early morning Shopping at Target ;]

I finally made it out of Target at 6:40am! Rushed home to drop off my Target goodies because Sanrio was going to have their Early Bird Special from 7-10am. I’m so glad I live in the center of everything because I got to San Francisco Center not long after they opened <3


Photo by Kmacp on Flickr, San Francisco Center Downtown Sanrio, “Early Bird Special 7-10am”


Photo by Juneleaf on Flickr, San Francisco Japantown Sanrio, “Early Bird Special 9-10am”

I always find myself constantly fascinated by all the Hello Kitty items I see at the store :] One kitty was never enough! I always had to walk out with something. And for Black Friday, I walked out with over 50 small and big gifts.

Hello Kitty 17″ Plush: Apron


Everything else! Notebooks, flashcards, birthday plush, dress-me-up tan Hello Kitty, coin banks, bobble heads, umbrella, pens, pencils, earrings, pins, gotochi and much more <3 From “Sanrio’s Black Friday Early Bird Special. 25% off on anything you can fit into a Hello Kitty shopping bag.”



I’m holding her <3 She’s so big and heavy, the girls at the Sanrio store told me she’s 3 feet tall :]

Special Thanks to all the people that helped me out at this years Black Friday event: My brother Vincent, the girls at Sanrio: Laura, Elina and Chama, and my friend Cong for driving me all around the city :] THANK YOU!

Hello Kitty Target Sightseeing

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I was at Target today, on a mission to look for a Hello Kitty Pumpkin Basket. Instead I found myself standing near the entrance in the $1 section for a good 10 minutes. I was so lucky because it had just arrived at the Target that I went to, so everything was still fully stocked!


Hello Kitty Coloring & Activity Book


Hello Kitty Mini Scented Highlighter, Mini Gel Pen, Mini Ball Pen, Push Crayon, Push Pencil and Double Sided Marker


Hello Kitty 2pc. Necklace Earring Set, 2pc. Necklace Bracelet Set and 4pc. Ponies in three different colors.


Hello Kitty Grosgrain Ribbon, Playing Card, Backpack Clips in two different colors.


Hello Kitty Die Cut Sticker Pad, Vaccum Sticker and Flocked Sticker


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 1


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 2


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 3


Hello Kitty Lip Gloss in three different styles.