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Hello Kitty Easter Basket Giveaway Winner

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Our winner for the Hello Kitty Easter Basket Giveaway…Random #40

Stefani is the winner of this giveaway!

Congratulations to you!

Please check your email and respond back within 48 hours of the initial email.

Thank you again for participating!

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Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

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One of the best things about Easter is decorating Easter Eggs :D I got prepared this year right after Valentines’ Day, you can’t imagine how many Hello Kitty items there are, they have Hello Kitty Easter baskets, plastic eggs, grass and decoration kits. I was planning to make it a few days before Easter, but due to the lack of time we didn’t make them until today. I was going crazy yesterday because I couldn’t find my Hello Kitty Easter egg decorating kit, so James secretly went to Target while I was sick in bed.

Our completed Hello Kitty Easter Eggs with Hello Kitty grass, basket and candies:D

I’m so bad at decorating:/ But didn’t James do a great job with the grass on the table and the background? Thank you <3


Hello Kitty Easter Basket Giveaway

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I have been so busy lately, I totally forgot about this month’s giveaway! Just wanted to make this short and simple! Something I bet everyone will love! Yes, it’s the Hello Kitty Easter Basket:D I blogged about this in a previous post: Hello Kitty Easter.

This lovely Hello Kitty Easter basket comes with the following:

1. Hello Kitty playground ball

2. Two Hello Kitty paddle balls

3. Chalk

4. Assorted Candy <3


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This blog was created back in October 2009 and we will be reaching halfway towards our 1 year anniversary. The person who made the most comments will be receiving a small Hello Kitty surprise box, details will be given during the next giveaway. Those who are first time visitors will still have a chance to win. You can choose to review some of the older post or come back later and check out a future post. I love to hear from you but computer generated comments will be removed.


Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser

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I spotted a giant Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser at the candy store. I’m not a big fan of Pez candies, but when I saw Hello Kitty, I had to get it. I have seen quite a few Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, but I have never seen a giant one!


Hello Kitty Giant Pez Dispenser: Front View [12 inch tall with 12 packages of Pez candies.]


Hello Kitty Giant Pez Dispenser: Side View


Hello Kitty Giant Pez Dispenser: Back View

Here is a list of Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser:


Photo by Amazon: Crystal Hello Kitty with Red Bow, Bunny and Hawaiian Flower. [Hello Kitty Pez Collectible Lunch Box]


Photo by A Candy Store: Hello Kitty Pez with Red Bow, Bunny and Hawaiian Flower


Photo by Pez Collectors: Full Body Hello Kitty Pez with Red Bow and Pink Bow with Heart


Photo by Pez Collectors: Crystal Hello Kitty Pez with Prints along with Bunny or Red Bow


Photo by Sanrio Luxe: Limited Edition Hello Kitty Bejeweled Pez Dispenser [A Sanrio Luxe Exclusive! For a limited time, pick up your super-sparkly Hello Kitty Bejeweled PEZ Dispenser.]

For more information, you can visit Pez’s webpage.