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Hello Kitty Valentine

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I hope everyone had a happy Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day:] Did you receive any Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day card? How about Hello Kitty shaped chocolates or flowers? James and I celebrated our second Valentine, previously we promised each other we will only make hand-made presents for Christmas and buy each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. But procrastination has led us into making each other Valentine’s Day present instead, since we didn’t exchange presents this past Christmas <3

James and I exchanged our first hand-made presents in 2008, He made me the best hand-made Hello Kitty sweater I have ever seen <3 But because I can’t wear the sweater every day, I always mentioned that it awesome to have Hello Kitty on a backpack. Then, I can carry it around every where. My dream came true this year!

We decided to exchange backpacks, I made James a dolphin backpack because he loves marine animals with his favorite Sanrio character, Badtz Maru O:]

My Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel backpack:D

Dear Daniel even gave Hello Kitty a flower <3 Happy Valentine’s Day, Kitty! Love, Daniel!

Hello Kitty posing with her flower :]

Dear Daniel looking handsome, as always!

The backpack was stuff with Hello Kitty goodies: Hello Kitty phone charm in Korean Hanbok, Hello Kitty slippers, 2 x Hello Kitty plush, Hello Kitty candies and Hello Kitty arts and craft.

James’s dolphin backpack featuring Badtz Maru :D

Close up picture of the cute dolphins couple.

James love hats! So I decided to make a hat for the boy dolphin.

For the girl dolphin, she’s wearing a bow because I heart Hello Kitty and the bow represents Hello Kitty.

I stuffed James’s backpack with the most random items: Mickey Mouse plush, sea otter plush [They're hugging each other, how cute!], Aquarium of the Pacific patches, Badtz Maru with paper clips and CHOCOLATE <3

I think we can be models now..haha, okay maybe not. Can you see the balloon in the background? I found it for James, when I saw it I knew it would be perfect! Our favorite characters in one balloon, Hello Kitty riding on dolphin <3


Hello Kitty Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

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Hello Kitty returns to make her third appearance at the 83rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year since her first debut 2007. I really wish I was in New York right now to celebrate and stand under Hello Kitty as she float by Broadway street.


Photo by EarthCam webcast archives, 83rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Hello Kitty Helium Balloon.

This year I’m thankful for:

hellokittythanks5 My Boyfriend James: He’s always there for me and going through the ups and downs in our relationship. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we can be very different people, by having different thoughts and feelings. But we always get back on track and move on, he makes me feel really special. Thank you:]

hellokittythanksgiving2 My extended family [great-aunt and great-uncle]: Thankful for letting me stay with them for the past 2 years. They’re super awesome especially my aunt, she’s always making eggrolls, fried rice and wontons and giving them to friends and family. It’s funny running to the living room sometimes and my uncle blast the tv while watching WWE.

My family: Older brother Gary for being a great role model. He encouraged me to study abroad and I did, it changed my life and perspective of the world. My younger brother Vincent is always being silly and doing his own things. I’m really glad he found his path in life and going back to school again to pursue a career!

My friends: I don’t really have a large amount of close friends, but I do know I have a number of good friends who care about me and wants the best for me. One of Hello Kitty’s hobbies include making new friends and her most popular motto is “you can never have too many friends” and that’s what I’m striving for:D

hellokittythanks3hellokittythanks4 My beloved dogs [Xena and Ares]: I love them so much <3 It’s great having the feeling that they’re always at home waiting for me. They’ll hear my foot steps through the hallway and greet me when I enter my room, sometimes even with a hug or kiss:] I love going to the beach with them and seeing them run around and making new doggie friends, it really makes my heart happy!

The Ocean: My boyfriend inspired me to love the ocean, home to thousands or even millions of marine animals. I am so thankful to be living by an ocean. The ocean takes care of us, therefore we show our respect and say thank you back.

hellokittythanks2 Hello Kitty: Thank you for making me feel smile everyday:D You always come up with different styles and keeping up with our trends, you’re truly one of a kind. Thank you for your 35 years of wonder, Happy 35th anniversary!

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!