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Hello Kitty at Takashima-Ya

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I used to work in San Gabriel a couple years ago and I would always admired Takashima from the outside. The store was always so bright when I drove by and you can see tons of Hello Kitty products through the glass window.

I was so impressed by all the Hello Kitty products they carry. For those who never heard of this store, they specialize in imported Japanese products, mainly focusing on cosmetics, beauty supplies and Hello Kitty. In fact their entire second floor is dedicated to Hello Kitty :]

Takashima carries imported Hello Kitty straight from Japan, I haven’t found any flaws to the store yet, so I am assuming with my best abilities that everything is legit. They carry a wide range of rare Hello Kitty appliances from Hello Kitty digital cameras to Hello Kitty rice cooker.

Upon entering the store, you’ll be greeted with these Hello Kitty gem stickers for your phone, Hello Kitty calendars, mirrors and much more.

The bottom floor of the store mainly consist of cosmetics and beauty supplies so I headed upstairs, here are a few things I wamt to share :]

This is not your regular calculator, it’s actually 4x the size of a pocket calculator :D

I <3 the Hello Kitty alarm clock on the right,

Hello Kitty is encouraging us to save up. Spend less, save more!

Hello Kitty fleece blanket

Hello Kitty quilt blanket

Valentine’s Day is coming up <3 I would definitely recommend this Hello Kitty heart pillow for someone you like :] Perhaps a girl for those readers that are guys!

Hello Kitty breast cancer awareness plush and pillow.

I really like this pink Hello Kitty pouch and cell phone holder on the right.

Matching Hello Kitty soap dispensers, but you can probably put lotion or something else in there.

Takashima definitely has a wide range of Hello Kitty plushes and products, some of which I’ve never seen before. Since their items are mostly imported from Japan, most items may cost more than an average Hello Kitty item at the Sanrio store. Personally I think Takashima is more like a Hello Kitty sightseeing place, but hey maybe you will find something that is worth the price.

While I made my way back downstairs, I came across rows and rows of Hello Kitty boxes. The boxes look so cute I had to pick one out and see what it was.

Hello Kitty soap bubble jewelry box :P

When I opened the box, I saw the cutest Hello Kitty ever, a popped up Hello Kitty! Inside there was two bars of Hello Kitty body soap and a hand soap. This gift set definitely made my day. But sadly it was not for sale, I insisted on buying the gift set and tried to convince the employees to sell it:]

But I’ll let you decide what the outcome was… …

Hello Kitty Rubik’s Cube

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I love solving puzzles and all those fun mind games. But one challenging puzzle I never took the time to sit down and learn to solve was the Rubik’s Cube. Sanrio has given the Rubik’s Cube a complete makeover, this Rubik’s Cube may seem cute but it is definitely a new challenge to get all the colors and the Hello Kitty images to face the same side. I remember as a kid I would struggle for hours trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube and then eventually give up :[ Good news is that I finally learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube last year.  James patiently took his time and taught me how to solve it step by step.

Bad news is that I still cannot get the center piece to align with the rest of the cube :[ So if you’re looking at one side of the cube, the center piece is upside down! If someone knows a good YouTube video or technique, please leave a comment:D It would be greatly appreciated. I had to get my cousin to fix it. Thank you, Nick! 

Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection: Winter 2010

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Hello Kitty x Jakks Pacific’s Winter 2010 Collection has just arrived at Target! I was at Target helping a friend buy a set of the Designer Collectible Figurines and found these new plushies in the Hello Kitty section…

Hello Kitty Plush: Pink Plaid, Red Skirt, Blue Fabric

Hello Kitty lion, zebra, bear and koala plush with removable hoods <3 [Note: this is the second collection.]

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines: Set of 8 [Front view]

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines: Set of 8 [Back view]

A friend from Singapore really wanted this Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurine Set. I wanted to do a good deed, so I decided to help her buy it:D While observing the figurines…I debated if I should get a set for myself:P

These Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figurines featured at both Target and Toys”R”Us, apparently Claire’s also carried a similar edition in a set of 3, please refer to previous post: Hello Kitty Sightseeing at Claire’s

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Soap Kitty and Rubber Ducky Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Retro 80’s Kitty and Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Peace & Love Kitty and Flower Power Mimmy

Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures – Piano Kitty and Boom Box Mimmy

Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection Fall 2009/Winter 2010


My friend from Singapore also wanted this Hello Kitty Wrap for iPhone [Suggested retail price $9.99], which apparently is a discontinued item. Lucky me I found one after going to 3 Target Stores. I ended up at a Target store that was suppose to have 3 in stock, but they only found 1 in the stock room :[ Booo! Good news is that you can order it online again, but it still wouldn’t be available for another 2-4 weeks.

Do you currently own any Hello Kitty items from the JAKKS Pacific Collection? If so, which ones? If not, which one is your favorite?

For more information regarding JAKKS Pacific Products, you can check out their Facebook fan page. Please feel free to check out previous post: Hello Kitty JAKKS Pacific Collection

Hello Kitty x McDonald’s 2010 Around the World

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Hello Kitty is making her first appearance at McDonald’s this year in Japan along with Japan’s popular television series Naruto :] There is a total of 4 Hello Kitty collectible toys in this collection, releasing between January 8-28, 2010.

The theme of this collection features Hello Kitty traveling to four major cities around the world, including Tokyo, London, Paris and New York. Each toy comes with a mini-photo book stored in either a heart, kitty, ribbon or apple shaped compartment. It also has a switch on the side, so you can light it the city :D

Hello Kitty in Tokyo       Hello Kitty in London       Hello Kitty in Paris       Hello Kitty in New York

Limited Edition: Hello Kitty Original Design McDonald’s Gift Card 500-Yen

For more information, please visit Japan’s McDonald’s Happy Set Webpage, for news release click here. All images from this post are taken by McDonald’s Japan.

MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

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Hong Kong’s MTR [Mass Transit Railway] collaborated with Sanrio in 2007 to release a limited edition MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection. The six different Hello Kitty in uniform represents the roles of the staff serving every day at Hong Kong’s MTR was released between July 16th to September 2nd, 2007 :] Special thanks to Helena for this awesome collection <3

2007 MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

Group Station Manager:

[Released Jul 16th to 22nd, 2007]

“I am responsible for the effective management of a group of stations. This includes allocating and monitoring the performance of station staff to provide a swift and efficient all around service for our passengers and ensure they enjoy a conformable, safe and reliable journey.”

Station Assistant:

[Released Jul 23rd to 29th, 2007]

“My job is to keep order on the platform. My main duty is to help passengers board the trains in a safe and efficient manner so every passenger enjoys a smooth MTR train service.”

Technician [Rolling Stock]:

[Released Jul 30th to Aug 5th, 2007]

“My job is to carry out detailed checks, tests, maintenance and repairs of MTR trains to make sure we provide a high quality, safe, comfortable and reliable service for our passengers.”

Passenger Train Operator:

[Released Aug 6th to 12th, 2007]

“My main duty is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the trains. I am also responsible for passenger safety and maintaining the punctuality of the trains to meet our high service standards.”

Assistant Fire & Security Supervisor:

[Released Aug 13th to 19th, 2007]

“I am responsible for overseeing and monitoring the fire safety and security in the train depots. I am fully prepared for emergencies and will follow up on any incidents to make sure our MTR staff and equipment are safe.”

Technician [Infrastructure Maintenance]

[Released Aug 20th to 26th, 2007]

“I carry out through checks, tests, maintenance and repairs of the tracks and signaling system to ensure a safe, swift and reliable MTR train service to our passengers.”

A limited edition Hello Kitty MTR train was also available to house all the Hello Kitty Heroes. [Released Aug 27th to Sep 2nd, 2007]


For more information regarding MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection, you can check out Sanriotown’s Blog: Hello Kitty MTR’s Latest Baby. For information about Hong Kong’s MTR, please visit their official website: