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Hello Kitty at Universal Studios Japan

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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) located in Osaka, Japan presents Hello Kitty! Did you know that they have an actual store inside the amusement park dedicated to Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty’s Celebrity Style features Hello Kitty items sold in USJ only!

hello kitty celebrity style

Hello Kitty’s Celebrity Style


Hello Kitty Christmas Arpon, Hello Kitty Plush and Hello Kitty Santa Hat from 2005 <3


Hello Kitty Cowboy Mascot from 2005 :]

hello kitty hollywood dream wedding

Hello Kitty Hollywood Dream Wedding Performance: Hello Kitty’s Wedding + Honeymoon Plan

hello kitty light show

Universal Studios Japan presents Magical Starlight Parade and Hello Kitty gets the honor of opening up the show along with Elmo and Snoopy.

hello kitty christmas

Don’t miss out Universal Studio Japan’s Christmas celebration this year if you happen to end up in Osaka, Japan!

F0r more information, you can visit the official Universal Studios Japan webpage:

Hello Kitty Meets Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego

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Shamu must really love Hello Kitty to share their theme park with her! Today, James and I went to SeaWorld San Diego again and we spotted a section of Hello Kitty at one of their souvenir store. I always found it fascinating that they sold Hello Kitty products there:] Would you have ever thought of finding Hello Kitty at SeaWorld? The whole park is underwater theme with sea lion and dolphin shows or souvenir shops. The last thing you would expect is to find Hello Kitty there and I found it <3


Hello Kitty products at “Trader’s Cove” SeaWorld San Diego Souvenir Shop


They used to have more Hello Kitty selection, one of the workers told me they moved everything around for the holiday season. So I’m assuming they took down some Hello Kitty stuff :[


Hello Kitty sticker book and Hello Kitty Splash Ball for Xena and Ares, my dogs love to play balls, footballs and frisbees especially these ones since they're soft and chewy. ;]


Hello Kitty finally meets Shamu at their stadium during the last show of the day: Shamu’s Holiday Night


Can you spot Hello Kitty? She’s hidden somewhere in there with Shamu :]

For more information about SeaWorld, you can visit their website at