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Hello Kitty 2010 Black Friday Sale, Part 2

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I <3 Black Friday shopping! You never know what kind of surprises you will find. This year I didn’t really get a chance to do an all day shopping, since I was in a rush to travel back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. But I did manage to squeeze a couple hour before departing. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to take me to San Francisco Centre Shopping Mall to visit one of my three favorite Sanrio Boutique Stores :]

For some reason, my first stop was actually Hot Topic instead of Sanrio. I bet you want to know why, I saw this very attracting sign,

“TODAY ONLY! Buy a special edition $9.50 hello Kitty tee and get a FREE Lady Gaga Poster!”

Hello Kitty x Lady Gaga T-Shirt

Hello Kitty x Sanrio 50th Anniversary Design Your Own Gift Card

Hello Kitty T-Shirts and Accessories at Hot Topic

This is one of my favorite ones <33

After being in Hot Topic for a good 5-10 minutes…I rushed to Sanrio, there wasn’t a big crowd yet. But I had already found myself being very indecisive as usual. I was making my way around the store until I saw something very unusual, I feel in love <3 I have an obsession with Hello Kitty appliances and guess what I saw?

Hello Kitty Hair Irons! I have done a lot of research and obviously Japan already sells Hello Kitty hair iron, but I never knew they sold them in the states.

Hello Kitty Ceramic Curling Iron

Hello Kitty Ceramic Curling Iron Back of the Box

Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron

Hello Kitty Ceramic Flat/Straightening Iron Back of the Box

I haven’t gotten a chance to play with it yet, but I will definitely let you guys know how good the product works! For those of you who are interested in buying it, you can also buy them at or visit one of your local Sanrio Boutique Stores <3 Good Luck!

Hello Kitty 2010 Black Friday Sale, Part 1

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I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving this year! Black Friday is just a few hours away or for those who are reading it now…it may already shopping time.

Just like last year, all Sanrio boutique stores that are own and operated by Nakajima USA will be promoting the “After Thanksgiving Day Early Bird Sale” today on November 26th till 10am [store opening time varies]! You will be receiving 25% off all regular priced merchandise you can fit into a Hello Kitty shopping bag <3

If you’re lucky you may be able to take home something that doesn’t even fit in the bag, so get there early!

Photo by Nakajima USA Newsletter.

Below is a list of Participating Sanrio Boutique Stores:

  1. Ala Moana Center
  2. Antelope Valley Mall
  3. Aventura
  4. Bellevue Square
  5. Broward Mall
  6. Chula Vista Center
  7. Connecticut Post
  8. Fashion Show Mall
  9. Garden State Plaza
  10. Houston Galleria
  11. Japanese Village Plaza, Los Angeles
  12. Japan Town, San Francisco
  13. King of Prussia
  14. Mac Arthur Center
  15. Mall of America
  16. Mall of New Hampshire
  17. Millenia
  18. Northlake
  19. Northridge Fashion Center
  20. Palisades Center
  21. Palm Gardens, The Gardens Mall
  22. Pheasant Lane
  23. Pioneer Place
  24. Rockingham Park
  25. San Antonio Rivercenter Mall
  26. San Francisco Centre
  27. Serramonte Center
  28. Sherman Oaks Fashion Square
  29. Shops at North Bridge
  30. South Coast Plaza
  31. Southcenter Mall
  32. Tampa International Plaza
  33. Town Square Mall, Las Vegas
  34. Trumbull
  35. Times Square
  36. Valley Fair
  37. Washington Square
  38. The Mall at Wellington Green
  39. Woodfield Mall

And also participating outlet locations:

  1. Arizona Mills
  2. Colorado Mills
  3. Gilroy Premium Outlets
  4. Grapevine Mills
  5. Katy Mills
  6. St. Louis Mills
  7. Vacaville Premium Outlets

Hello Kitty at Dai-Ichi Gift Store: 50% OFF, EVERYTHING MUST GO!

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A friend mine is a Hair Stylist at Elite Hair Design at the Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City. James and I decided to head over there today to get a haircut. Shortly after arriving and parking, we made our way towards the salon. We past by a small gift store called, “Dai-Ichi.” I almost walked by the store but the pink Sanrio sign and their 50% off tag immediately caught my attention! I had to go in and check it out and here’s what I found…

The front of the store. As you can see everything is pretty much wiped out already, but here are just a few pictures of the items they have left, enjoy!

I couldn’t resist, so I picked up a few Hello Kitty items:] Don’t you just love it when there are sales!?

We haven’t even reach the salon yet and I decided we should have a cup yogurt to celebrate the Hello Kitty sale! There’s nothing better than a cup of yogurt with Hello Kitty sitting next to you:]

Hello Kitty 2009 Black Friday Sale, Part 2

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Black Friday is now officially over, but the Holiday Shopping season has just begun!

For the first time ever, I made a trip out to Target on Black Friday. Target posted some crazy advertisement to lure Black Friday shoppers this year. When doors opened at 5am, the line was already wrapped around the mall. I found myself stumbling around the whole store, even though I knew where the Hello Kitty appliances were at. There was just absolutely no room to move with people shoving here and there. After I got to the otherside of the stores, I finally spotted pink boxes along with rows of Hello Kitty on the top shelves.

“Exclusively at Target! Hello Kitty bubble gum dispenser or tea cup clock radio, *All other Hello Kitty Appliances also on sale”

Rows and Rows of Hello Kitty Appliances :]

Hello Kitty Gumball Dispenser/Machine - Pink

Hello Kitty Gumball Dispenser/Machine – Pink

Hello Kitty 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Clock Radio with Night Light

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Clock Radio with Night Light

Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Hello Kitty Table Lamp

Hello Kitty Table Lamp

Hello Kitty Mini Water Dispenser

Hello Kitty Mini Water Dispenser

I left Target with 7 appliances, the only thing I didn’t take home was the Hello Kitty Toaster since I had it already :D

Of course I forgot something! Before I checked out, I wandered into the $1 section and found more items for my $1 Target Hello Kitty Collection, which concluded my early morning Shopping at Target ;]

I finally made it out of Target at 6:40am! Rushed home to drop off my Target goodies because Sanrio was going to have their Early Bird Special from 7-10am. I’m so glad I live in the center of everything because I got to San Francisco Center not long after they opened <3


Photo by Kmacp on Flickr, San Francisco Center Downtown Sanrio, “Early Bird Special 7-10am”


Photo by Juneleaf on Flickr, San Francisco Japantown Sanrio, “Early Bird Special 9-10am”

I always find myself constantly fascinated by all the Hello Kitty items I see at the store :] One kitty was never enough! I always had to walk out with something. And for Black Friday, I walked out with over 50 small and big gifts.

Hello Kitty 17″ Plush: Apron


Everything else! Notebooks, flashcards, birthday plush, dress-me-up tan Hello Kitty, coin banks, bobble heads, umbrella, pens, pencils, earrings, pins, gotochi and much more <3 From “Sanrio’s Black Friday Early Bird Special. 25% off on anything you can fit into a Hello Kitty shopping bag.”



I’m holding her <3 She’s so big and heavy, the girls at the Sanrio store told me she’s 3 feet tall :]

Special Thanks to all the people that helped me out at this years Black Friday event: My brother Vincent, the girls at Sanrio: Laura, Elina and Chama, and my friend Cong for driving me all around the city :] THANK YOU!

Hello Kitty 2009 Black Friday Sale, Part 1

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Black Friday is finally here!

Sanrio boutique stores throughout the nation this year will be participating in this years Black Friday sale! They will be having an “Early Bird Special” today on November 27th. 25% off on anything you can fit into a Hello Kitty shopping bag <3

hellokittyblackfridayPhoto by NakajimaUSA, November 2009 Promotions’s Black Friday madness!

Target’s Hello Kitty $15 appliances are back! The 2-Day Sale starts today, Friday, November 27, at 5 a.m. and ends tomorrow Saturday, November 28. “Exclusively at Target! Hello Kitty bubble gum dispenser or tea cup clock radio, *All other Hello Kitty Appliances also on sale”


Photo by Target, Weekly Advertisement.

Sleepyheads Pajamas is giving a 40% discount on their entire Hello Kitty pajamas and loungewear collection. This offer is only available on November 27th, 2009 and cannot be combined with any other offers.


Photo by Sleepyheads, Promotional Code: HK40

Mimoco x Hello Kitty will be releasing the fifth and final edition to the 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Flash Drive Collection on Black Friday (11.27, today!) at Mimobot Pop-Up Shop at Munky King. Don’t miss out on a 20%-50% off the entire store this Friday 11.27, 12-7pm. In honor of this, they’ll be handing out gift bags [which I will be missing out] to the first 50 people, featuring gifts from Sanrio and Lucas film studios! For more information, please check out the events at Munky King.


Photo By Munky King event promotion :]