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Hello Kitty and Ares Adventure on April Fools’ Day

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For some reason Ares loves to cuddle next to Hello Kitty.  Sometime I think he’s secretly admiring Hello Kitty without Xena’s [his girlfriend] permission.

This morning when I opened my eyes from waking up, I saw Ares laying his head on my pillow right next to Hello Kitty.  Then I closed my eyes wanting to go back to sleep.  However, there was a bright flash in my immediate dream remembering that I saw Ares laying his arm around something.  So I opened my eyes to check and he was actually hugging Hello Kitty to sleep!

I thought that was one the cutest thing I ever saw in my life, and Ares excitedly woke up from his sleep expecting me to take him out for a morning walk.  He was pushing my head out of the bed licking me, jumped down from the bed to look for his leash.  Unfortunately the leash was on the table so he could not reach it. I got up from my bed, preparing to take him out, then I saw him dragging Hello Kitty with him, wanting to take her a long.  Although I thought that was so sweet of him and very adorable, I though of Xena.  I was wondering if he was cheating on her or maybe Hello Kitty was luring Ares.  Again I was wondering if Hello Kitty would ever do that because she is suppose to be perfect and loving.  Maybe all-knowing Hello Kitty had a reason to lure him and it was justify to do so?  Unfortunately I decided not to allow Ares to take Hello Kitty with her because he might get her dirty.  So I leashed him up, took him out, walked around couple blocks, and finally there was a big bang in front of my eyes.  Suddenly I appeared to be in front of Xena’s house.  I was so afraid that Xeni Bean was very angry at Ares for cheating on her.  Then I walked up to her stairways to her door, ringed the door bell.  Xena happily appeared and excitedly welcomed Ares and I to her house.  She has already prepared a breakfast for us.  The breakfast included bacon, beef, chicken, fish, and all sorts of meat that are Ares’ favorite.  After the meal, there was another big bang in front my eyes.  Xeni Bean was appeared to be kidnapped by a mean and bad criminal named  BAD DOGGIE.  Ares was so furious and concerned about Xena, but I comforted Ares, that we would find Xena and save her.

In day one, our journey began to save Xena.  We first did not know where BAD DOGGIE is located, so we had to travel very very far far away from home, looking for help from thousands of dogs and friends.  They had no clue and we felt very hopeless.  After many days of search, Hello Kitty suddenly appeared and we were very surprised.  She came to help us because Xena was her dearest friend and she wants Xena to be saved.  She decided to help us locate BAD DOGGIE and rescue our Xeni Bean.  She used her super power that teleported to BAD DOGGIE’s den.  Immediately, Hello Kitty disappeared, leaving an encouraging message that we will save Xena.  Many BAD DOGGIE’s minions intercepted us, and we were challenged to fight.  We used all our might to defeat them and it was a very long battle.  We finally got to BAD DOGGIE and we were forced to defeat him in order for him to let Xena go.  He was very ugly and enormous.  We thought it would be impossible to defeat him because we could not match his strength.  Suddenly Hello Kitty appeared again and provided us armor and strength.  Then we were very confident to defeat BAD DOGGIE and after many hours of battle, we exhaustedly defeated BAD DOGGIE.  He finally released Xena and Hello Kitty teleported us back home.  Then Ares, Xena and I had a very great time celebrating our success in saving Xena, and we lived happily ever after.

The End. Story and Picture by James