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Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

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One of the best things about Easter is decorating Easter Eggs :D I got prepared this year right after Valentines’ Day, you can’t imagine how many Hello Kitty items there are, they have Hello Kitty Easter baskets, plastic eggs, grass and decoration kits. I was planning to make it a few days before Easter, but due to the lack of time we didn’t make them until today. I was going crazy yesterday because I couldn’t find my Hello Kitty Easter egg decorating kit, so James secretly went to Target while I was sick in bed.

Our completed Hello Kitty Easter Eggs with Hello Kitty grass, basket and candies:D

I’m so bad at decorating:/ But didn’t James do a great job with the grass on the table and the background? Thank you <3


Hello Kitty Easter Basket Giveaway

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I have been so busy lately, I totally forgot about this month’s giveaway! Just wanted to make this short and simple! Something I bet everyone will love! Yes, it’s the Hello Kitty Easter Basket:D I blogged about this in a previous post: Hello Kitty Easter.

This lovely Hello Kitty Easter basket comes with the following:

1. Hello Kitty playground ball

2. Two Hello Kitty paddle balls

3. Chalk

4. Assorted Candy <3


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Hello Kitty Easter

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I love Target! I’m there at least once a week:] Guess what I found today? Yes, Hello Kitty Easter items. This year Easter falls on April 4th. Let’s celebrate Easter this year in a whole new fashion, Hello Kitty Easter with egg decorations, baskets, games more. Below are some of the items I came across today, there are more but this Target only had limited items.

Hello Kitty assorted Easter plush. I think there are 4 different kinds, so more Hello Kitty plushes to collect:]

Hello Kitty Easter decorating kit! I love coloring eggs for Easter and decorating them, especially with Hello Kitty arts and crafts. It even comes with a mini Hello Kitty Easter themed poster.

After all the egg coloring and decorations, we can put them in this lovely Hello Kitty Easter plush basket:D And don’t forget the Hello Kitty plastic eggs and Hello Kitty Easter grass, this Target didn’t have any so I wasn’t able to take any pictures to show you Hello Kitty fans out there. I’ll post pictures soon!

Hello Kitty Easter fun and games;] If you remember, during Christmas they had a very similar one called Hello Kitty Holiday fun and games. The only difference is the puzzle. I love puzzles s0 I’m really tempted to get this for the puzzle. Hopefully I can find the Hello Kitty Easter puzzle by itself.

I remembered as a kid, my grandmother bought me a few Easter gift baskets similar to this one. This one is even better because it’s Hello Kitty themed, what other baskets can beat that? It comes with a Hello Kitty playground ball, 2 x Hello Kitty paddle balls, chalk and assorted Candy! Love love candies <3

For some reason, I love collecting greeting cards as well. Every holiday, Hello Kitty always has her own greeting card, which makes it super awesome!

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THIS HELLO KITTY EASTER? I know I will be definitely decorating eggs and eating them afterwards. I love the egg whites for some reason, especially if they are tea flavored [tea egg].

Hello Kitty Chinese New Year’s Giveaway

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恭喜發財 [gōng xǐ fā cái]

Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year is one the most important holiday of the Chinese tradition. Therefore I have a little something special for all you Hello Kitty fans out there:]


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Hello Kitty Valentine

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I hope everyone had a happy Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day:] Did you receive any Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day card? How about Hello Kitty shaped chocolates or flowers? James and I celebrated our second Valentine, previously we promised each other we will only make hand-made presents for Christmas and buy each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. But procrastination has led us into making each other Valentine’s Day present instead, since we didn’t exchange presents this past Christmas <3

James and I exchanged our first hand-made presents in 2008, He made me the best hand-made Hello Kitty sweater I have ever seen <3 But because I can’t wear the sweater every day, I always mentioned that it awesome to have Hello Kitty on a backpack. Then, I can carry it around every where. My dream came true this year!

We decided to exchange backpacks, I made James a dolphin backpack because he loves marine animals with his favorite Sanrio character, Badtz Maru O:]

My Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel backpack:D

Dear Daniel even gave Hello Kitty a flower <3 Happy Valentine’s Day, Kitty! Love, Daniel!

Hello Kitty posing with her flower :]

Dear Daniel looking handsome, as always!

The backpack was stuff with Hello Kitty goodies: Hello Kitty phone charm in Korean Hanbok, Hello Kitty slippers, 2 x Hello Kitty plush, Hello Kitty candies and Hello Kitty arts and craft.

James’s dolphin backpack featuring Badtz Maru :D

Close up picture of the cute dolphins couple.

James love hats! So I decided to make a hat for the boy dolphin.

For the girl dolphin, she’s wearing a bow because I heart Hello Kitty and the bow represents Hello Kitty.

I stuffed James’s backpack with the most random items: Mickey Mouse plush, sea otter plush [They're hugging each other, how cute!], Aquarium of the Pacific patches, Badtz Maru with paper clips and CHOCOLATE <3

I think we can be models now..haha, okay maybe not. Can you see the balloon in the background? I found it for James, when I saw it I knew it would be perfect! Our favorite characters in one balloon, Hello Kitty riding on dolphin <3