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Hello Kitty at Takashima-Ya

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I used to work in San Gabriel a couple years ago and I would always admired Takashima from the outside. The store was always so bright when I drove by and you can see tons of Hello Kitty products through the glass window.

I was so impressed by all the Hello Kitty products they carry. For those who never heard of this store, they specialize in imported Japanese products, mainly focusing on cosmetics, beauty supplies and Hello Kitty. In fact their entire second floor is dedicated to Hello Kitty :]

Takashima carries imported Hello Kitty straight from Japan, I haven’t found any flaws to the store yet, so I am assuming with my best abilities that everything is legit. They carry a wide range of rare Hello Kitty appliances from Hello Kitty digital cameras to Hello Kitty rice cooker.

Upon entering the store, you’ll be greeted with these Hello Kitty gem stickers for your phone, Hello Kitty calendars, mirrors and much more.

The bottom floor of the store mainly consist of cosmetics and beauty supplies so I headed upstairs, here are a few things I wamt to share :]

This is not your regular calculator, it’s actually 4x the size of a pocket calculator :D

I <3 the Hello Kitty alarm clock on the right,

Hello Kitty is encouraging us to save up. Spend less, save more!

Hello Kitty fleece blanket

Hello Kitty quilt blanket

Valentine’s Day is coming up <3 I would definitely recommend this Hello Kitty heart pillow for someone you like :] Perhaps a girl for those readers that are guys!

Hello Kitty breast cancer awareness plush and pillow.

I really like this pink Hello Kitty pouch and cell phone holder on the right.

Matching Hello Kitty soap dispensers, but you can probably put lotion or something else in there.

Takashima definitely has a wide range of Hello Kitty plushes and products, some of which I’ve never seen before. Since their items are mostly imported from Japan, most items may cost more than an average Hello Kitty item at the Sanrio store. Personally I think Takashima is more like a Hello Kitty sightseeing place, but hey maybe you will find something that is worth the price.

While I made my way back downstairs, I came across rows and rows of Hello Kitty boxes. The boxes look so cute I had to pick one out and see what it was.

Hello Kitty soap bubble jewelry box :P

When I opened the box, I saw the cutest Hello Kitty ever, a popped up Hello Kitty! Inside there was two bars of Hello Kitty body soap and a hand soap. This gift set definitely made my day. But sadly it was not for sale, I insisted on buying the gift set and tried to convince the employees to sell it:]

But I’ll let you decide what the outcome was… …

Hello Kitty “Three Apples” Gift Bags

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Remember those long cold mornings at “Three Apples”? Standing in line early in the morning and waiting for gift bags? Dealing with people budging [butting, skipping, cutting] in line? Seeing people getting frustrated because gift bags were only available to the first 100 visitors in line?


Hello Kitty Fan Appreciation Day Gift Bag. This bag made my day, the bag was quite heavy with miscellaneous Hello Kitty gifts inside, including Hello Kitty Strawberry News, Hello Kitty lotion, notebook, mirror, Pez dispenser, chap stick, candies, puzzle and coloring book ;]


Hello Kitty Halloween Party Gift Bag: I really like how Sanrio put this together and gave us a toothbrush, encouraging us to brush our teeth after we go Trick-or-Treating :P


For Halloween, I dressed up in a Hello Kitty yukata and Dave from Sanrio gifted me a Hello Kitty Fan. And I also received a Paint Your Own Hello Kitty Bank for bringing in a self-inspired carved pumpkin :]


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Gift Bag: Similar items from Hello Kitty Fan Appreciation Day,  but they added Hello Kitty bubbles, stickers and Loungefly pins <3


Hello Kitty Birthday Tiara and Wand were given out during the birthday cake cutting ceremony for kids, I guess I am still a kid after all :]


Hello Kitty Meet the Artist Party Gift Bag: This is one of my favorite gift bags, it really made sense how they gave us a coloring and activity book, plus a shimmering art package with metallic pens on the day the we met the artists. I can’t wait to doodle on my new arts and crafts book!


Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade Gift Bag: Part 1. When I called the prior day, Royal/T Cafe informed me that gift bags were given out in the morning. After waiting in line for a couple hours, I realize that JapanLA posted that gift bags were to be given out in the evening. I was a bit frustrated, but when doors open at 10am with about 20 people in line. Dave from Sanrio informed us that he would give us something just for coming out :]


Hello Kitty Bats and Cats Masquerade Gift Bag: Part 2. This was given out in the evening, Hello Kitty desk calender, I LOVE IT <3


Hello Kitty Fashion Show: Part 1. This was by far the crappiest gift bag, but I guess since it was the last day they probably ran out of gifts? A lot of people was disappointed, some waited 5-6 hours for this bag :[ Look on the bright side, Hello Kitty straws!!


Hello Kitty Fashion Show: Part 2. After receiving gift bags from the morning, I assumed they were completely out of gifts. But when we got inside, I saw rows of Hello Kitty tote bags <3 You can also get this tote from  Toy”R”Us, happy hunting!


Hello Kitty Three Apples Gift Bags: Part 1.


Hello Kitty Three Apples Gift Bag: Part 2.


These gift bags were left sitting in the hallway outside of my room ever since Three Apples. I finally decided to go over all my gift bags and I realized I had too many duplicate items. I will be donating most of these gifts to a local toy drive this holiday season and hopefully they will go to great homes with children to help “Spread the love of Hello Kitty” <3