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Hello Kitty Holiday Fun And Games

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I decided to open this Hello Kitty Holiday Fun and Games I got during the Holidays:] The gift set came with four different Hello Kitty fun and games, including Hello Kitty Go Fish, Hello Kitty Old Maid, Hello Kitty Bingo and Hello Kitty Puzzle.

Hello Kitty Fun & Games:D

100 Piece Hello Kitty Puzzle

I love puzzles :D This one took about 5 minutes to complete, but then again it only had 100 pieces and they were big too…haha

I noticed that they also made a Hello Kitty Bingo set in a tin box, which you can buy from Toys”R”Us for $9.99, but the game is slightly different.

This Hello Kitty Bingo game is not your ordinary Bingo, the objective of this game is to be the first player to fill up your bingo board with Hello Kitty tokens. There are 2 ways to play: Alphabets and Pictures.

Hello Kitty Old Maid, remember playing old maid as a kid? So, the objective of the game is to be the first player with the most pairs at end of the game, but the player left with the “old maid” card automatically loses.

I used to love playing gold fish! But wouldn’t it be more fun if it was Hello Kitty Gold Fish? For those who do not know already, the objective of the game is to be the player with the most matching sets of 4 at the end of the game.