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Hello Kitty x Demeter Fragrance Library

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Only 8 days left until Sanrio’s 50th anniversary and Sanrio have already collaborated with many brands. One of the many collaboration is Demeter Fragrance Library. Sanrio has teamed up with Demeter Fragrance Library to create, “The Sanrio Anniversary Collection“. This collection will be featuring different scents relating to the many Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, My Melody and The Little Twin Stars are the first to be featured in the market back in June. You can officially pick yours up online or at your local Sanrio store or Demeter Fragrance Library’s official website.

Photo taken by Demeter Fragrance Library

I personally don’t usually wear perfume, but when it comes to Hello Kitty, I just had to run out to the store and get one:] They come in 4 different sizes, 1/2 oz purse spray, 1/2 oz cologne splash, 1 oz and 4 oz cologne spray and prices start at only $6 USD. That’s super cheap for perfumes <3 and the Hello Kitty ones smells like heaven with apples!

Which one is your favorite Hello Kitty x Demeter Fragrance Library in “The Sanrio Anniversary Collection”?

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

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The Hello Kitty toilet paper has finally made it into my bathroom! My friend Tady brought back a 4 pack Hello Kitty toilet paper from her trip to Mexico during winter break. The pink Hello Kitty prints on the toilet paper looks way too cute to use, so it is currently still in its plastic wrap:] 

It was pretty entertaining when Tady told me she had to protect the Hello Kitty toilet papers from her family members during her stay in Mexico. Normal people would just treat these as regular toilet paper, but to me it is definitely a collectible item :D Thank you so much Tady for these lovely Hello Kitty toilet papers and going through all the trouble making sure the Hello Kitty toilet paper arrives to the states in one piece!

Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly and Hot Topic

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Ever since Hello Kitty and Jelly Belly team up to released a “10-Flavor Gift Box.” I have been wanting to get a box and try out the 10 delicious jelly bean flavors! I LOVE JELLY BELLY!

I finally found the Hello Kitty 10-Flavor Gift Box at a gift store in Monterey Bay, CA

The Hello Kitty 10-Flavor Gift Box includes: Berry Blue, Buttered Popcorn, Cinnamon, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Tangerine, Green Apple, Juicy Pear, Watermelon and Very Cherry.

My favorite Jelly Belly flavor is definitely “GREEN APPLE” <3 What is your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

The Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly is so popular, they even made a pocket size Hello Kitty Flip-Top Box with 20 assorted Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors. I found these at Hot Topic today:D

I ate the entire box of Jelly Beans the moment I walked out of Hot delicious:D

Hello Kitty Apple Scented Glitter Body Spray from Hot Topic:] While I was testing out the spray, I realize it was apple scent [my favorite fruit] <3 It also came in Vanilla Scent.

Hello Kitty Hot Topic Gift Card:]

For more information regarding the Hello Kitty x Jelly Belly Team Up, please visit their webpage: For information on Hot Topic x Hello Kitty, please visit:

Hello Kitty Sightseeing at Claire’s

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I almost burst into tears when I found out Sanrio at Stoneridge Shopping Center at Pleasanton closed down sometime last summer. I was roaming around the mall and I clearly remember that Sanrio was located on the second floor, well it’s not there anymore :[ I even ask the information booth! She suggested that I should go check out Claire's...and guess what I found :D

Hello Kitty Mini Jewelry Cabinet

What's inside the Hello Kitty Mini Jewelry Cabinet? Well it has a mirror on the right side:] and hook to hang your necklaces! On the other side you can place your rings and’s cute, isn’t it?

Hello Kitty Jewelry Rack! I think this is mainly for earrings and possibly rings on the bottom, unless you want your necklaces to get tangle up :X

Besides jewelry accessories, Claire’s also carry this Hello Kitty 11 Piece Value Pack. It comes with 2 Hello Kitty portfolio, 1 theme book, 1 memo pad, 1 pencil pouch, 3 pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler and 1 eraser. Time to gear up for Spring semester!

Hello Kitty Furry Flip Flip/Sandal

Apparently Claire’s has a similar Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures Set, along with Target and Toys”R”Us.

Retro 80’s Hello Kitty

Boom Box Hello Kitty

Peace and Love Hello Kitty

It seems like Claire’s Hello Kitty Designer Collectible Figures Set only has a total of 3 figures, but both Target and Toys”R”Us has 8 figures:] Debating if the Claire’s Hello Kitty figures are worth collecting, since two out of the three Hello Kitty figures at Target and Toy”R”Us are actually Mimi Kitty, but otherwise the clothes are practically the same.

For more information regarding Claire’s and their Hello Kitty products, please check out Claire’s retail store or webpage at

Hello Kitty Secret Santa Giveaway

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Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which friends and family are randomly assigned another person in their party whom they give a gift anonymously. This year my workplace decided to set up a Secret Santa gift exchanged. I was invited to participate by my manager, who entered me without even informing me :/ The names of all the co-workers were placed in a brown bag, and we each draw a name. We also provided a short wishlist of items, my manager already knew what I wanted and put it in for me, I bet you can guess that? HELLO KITTY :D

This wallet is very cute, but I think it can go to a better home. I am deciding this give this Hello Kitty Multi Bow Hinged Wallet away to one lucky person. Please follow the guidelines to enter and remember you must follow all the rules accordingly for your entries to count.


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