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Hello Kitty Keyboard Stickers

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I love collecting stickers <3  I started collecting stickers again after studying in Japan a few years ago. Stickers are so popular in Japan, every Japanese girl had their own little scrapbook decorated with all sorts of cute stickers. One of the most popular hobby among the Japanese culture were taking “purikura” which refers to a photo sticker booth. We will then apply them to our sticker books and decorated with when our favorite stickers:] I remember my scrapbook was a Hello Kitty bound notebook and I had tons of Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty Stickers.

A while back, I came across an entire wall of Hello Kitty stickers including Hello Kitty keyboard sticker at a local Sanrio store and I immediately fell in love with it. I always wanted a Hello Kitty keyboard, but since I don’t have a desktop. I decided to buy these Hello Kitty keyboard stickers, there were so many different designs. Below are the Sanrio Korea licensed Hello Kitty keyboard stickers:] Enjoy…

Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker – Pink/White [I'm currently using this design right now:] it matches my laptop cover and all the other pink Hello Kitty stickers I have <3]

Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker – Red/White

Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker – Pastel

Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker – Colorful


9 Responses to “Hello Kitty Keyboard Stickers”

  1. sophia says:

    looove the pastel one! UBER cute! Hehe I studied there too, in Nagoya. Where were you studying?

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Did you find these stickers hard to apply? I have considered them but I would go crazy if I did not apply them perfectly.

  3. ihearthellokitty says:

    I studied in Osaka for a half a year:] my brother was in Nagoya for his homestay, it’s really nice there. I was able to visit Nagoya when I went back to visit Japan. I heard it’s really pretty during the winter time since it snows there. When were you there? for college? or high school?

    The stickers weren’t that hard to apply. I messed up on a few of them because they weren’t perfect, so I just took them off and re-applied them:D It took a really long time, but they’re all perfect now! I have a MacBook, so some of the stickers don’t fit well and I had to customize them as well <3

  4. kieu says:

    i think i would like the stickers better because they are wayyy cuter.. and because i have a laptop.. lol, i love hello kitty!

  5. HKLover says:

    I like the pick and white stickers. So cute and there HK! :)

  6. Misty says:

    I think it would be very hard to see the letters, since her big fat head takes up most of the space. Even though they are thick and bubbly and would probably last long, I think they would probably annoy me.

  7. Saidez says:

    where can i find them?
    they are sooo cute :)

  8. chocolate says:

    i just order hello kitty stickers in and im waiting for them to arrive. i order red/white hello kitty stickers because that the color i liked the most! cant wait to get them!! :)

  9. Rose says:

    Hi! Is it only available in eBay US? Thanks.

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