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Hello Kitty Easter TY Beanie Babies

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I must admit I was also a Beanie Babies fan in grade school. McDonald’s Teenie Beanies Babies were the most in demand when it was first released in 1997. As a child, I wanted to collect them all because everyone had them. In fact I did collect most of them that were introduce in the first few years, but stopped due to the decrease in popularity.

After finding out that there were Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies, I started to gain an interest in collecting Beanie Babies again. As for my goal is to collect all the Hello Kitty Beanie Babies <3

Here are the Hello Kitty Easter TY Beanie Babies..ENJOY!

Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies in Pink Jumper
Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies in Pink Jumper

Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies in Yellow Jumper

Hello Kitty TY Beanie Babies in Yellow Jumper

For those readers who are wondering where you can get them, your best bet would probably be eBay or Amazon at the moment. As for now, I don’t know if there are any retail stores that carry them yet. Good luck and happy collecting:D

Hello Kitty Floppy Dolphin Fan

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I love heading to Rite Aid for ice cream:P there aren’t many drug stores that have a built-in ice cream counter and nothing can beat Thrifty ice cream, the scoops are huge and inexpensive! Most of the time, I spend no more than 5 minutes there, just a scoop of ice cream and I’m out. Today was different, James needed to get some new mechanic lead pencils and Rite Aid was our closest resort. Guess what I found just when we were about to check out?

I was so facinated by the fan as if I were a little girl. I even stood there for a good 5 minutes pressing the button on the side and the dolphin fan spins with Hello Kitty sitting on top! It even comes with a candy bracelet! How cool is that?

I really like Hello Kitty x Dolphin because it’s James and my favorite character in one <3

Hello Kitty Easter

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I love Target! I’m there at least once a week:] Guess what I found today? Yes, Hello Kitty Easter items. This year Easter falls on April 4th. Let’s celebrate Easter this year in a whole new fashion, Hello Kitty Easter with egg decorations, baskets, games more. Below are some of the items I came across today, there are more but this Target only had limited items.

Hello Kitty assorted Easter plush. I think there are 4 different kinds, so more Hello Kitty plushes to collect:]

Hello Kitty Easter decorating kit! I love coloring eggs for Easter and decorating them, especially with Hello Kitty arts and crafts. It even comes with a mini Hello Kitty Easter themed poster.

After all the egg coloring and decorations, we can put them in this lovely Hello Kitty Easter plush basket:D And don’t forget the Hello Kitty plastic eggs and Hello Kitty Easter grass, this Target didn’t have any so I wasn’t able to take any pictures to show you Hello Kitty fans out there. I’ll post pictures soon!

Hello Kitty Easter fun and games;] If you remember, during Christmas they had a very similar one called Hello Kitty Holiday fun and games. The only difference is the puzzle. I love puzzles s0 I’m really tempted to get this for the puzzle. Hopefully I can find the Hello Kitty Easter puzzle by itself.

I remembered as a kid, my grandmother bought me a few Easter gift baskets similar to this one. This one is even better because it’s Hello Kitty themed, what other baskets can beat that? It comes with a Hello Kitty playground ball, 2 x Hello Kitty paddle balls, chalk and assorted Candy! Love love candies <3

For some reason, I love collecting greeting cards as well. Every holiday, Hello Kitty always has her own greeting card, which makes it super awesome!

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THIS HELLO KITTY EASTER? I know I will be definitely decorating eggs and eating them afterwards. I love the egg whites for some reason, especially if they are tea flavored [tea egg].

Hello Kitty Chinese New Year’s Giveaway

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恭喜發財 [gōng xǐ fā cái]

Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year is one the most important holiday of the Chinese tradition. Therefore I have a little something special for all you Hello Kitty fans out there:]


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February 28th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST, which marks the 15th day and the last day of Chinese New Years. Winners will be randomly selected by from all valid entries and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond from the initial email. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!


Hello Kitty Red Envelopes

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Red envelopes also known as “Hong Bao” in Mandarin are traditionally passed out during the Chinese New Year’s celebration from married couples/elderly to those who are not married/children. Red envelopes are always given with cash inside. Besides Chinese New Years, red envelopes are also given out during family gatherings, weddings and holidays.

Hello Kitty in Red Kimono

Hello Kitty in Pink Kimono

Hello Kitty and Mimi

Hello Kitty in Pink Traditional Shirt

Hello Kitty in Green Kimono

Hello Kitty and Family <3