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Hello Kitty Rubik’s Cube

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I love solving puzzles and all those fun mind games. But one challenging puzzle I never took the time to sit down and learn to solve was the Rubik’s Cube. Sanrio has given the Rubik’s Cube a complete makeover, this Rubik’s Cube may seem cute but it is definitely a new challenge to get all the colors and the Hello Kitty images to face the same side. I remember as a kid I would struggle for hours trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube and then eventually give up :[ Good news is that I finally learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube last year.  James patiently took his time and taught me how to solve it step by step.

Bad news is that I still cannot get the center piece to align with the rest of the cube :[ So if you’re looking at one side of the cube, the center piece is upside down! If someone knows a good YouTube video or technique, please leave a comment:D It would be greatly appreciated. I had to get my cousin to fix it. Thank you, Nick! 

Free Hello Kitty Mascot Plush

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Free Hello Kitty promotions are back for 2010 at Sanrio. Don’t miss out on this FREE Hello Kitty Mascot Plush with any purchase over $50. Add $50 or more regular price item to your shopping bag and enter promotion code: FREESLEEPY50  in the promotion code box. Free plush will appear in your shopping cart if it’s still available.

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush. Only 200 plush available, so get yours today while supplies last.

For more information, please visit Sanrio promotion page.

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

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The Hello Kitty toilet paper has finally made it into my bathroom! My friend Tady brought back a 4 pack Hello Kitty toilet paper from her trip to Mexico during winter break. The pink Hello Kitty prints on the toilet paper looks way too cute to use, so it is currently still in its plastic wrap:] 

It was pretty entertaining when Tady told me she had to protect the Hello Kitty toilet papers from her family members during her stay in Mexico. Normal people would just treat these as regular toilet paper, but to me it is definitely a collectible item :D Thank you so much Tady for these lovely Hello Kitty toilet papers and going through all the trouble making sure the Hello Kitty toilet paper arrives to the states in one piece!

Hello Kitty Loves Our Planet: Go Green and Recycle

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Hello Kitty becomes eco-friendly, go green and recycle! This month Sanrio released a new Hello Kitty collection, “Love Our Planet.” If  you purchase and use a Hello Kitty reusable bag, you will receive one additional bonus card stamp <3 This collection consist of Hello Kitty products made with recycled paper and soy ink :] I am so flattered by this new collection, since I hate using plastic bags and try to recycle as much as I can. One of the main reason is to help with James’s save the ocean project!

Hello Kitty Love Our Planet Collection <3 Everything is just so cute from tote bags to plushes.

Hello Kitty Eco-Friendly Reusable Pink Tote Bag

Hello Kitty Eco-Friendly Reusable Green Tote Bag. I bought two for my daily shopping:] that means less plastic bags when I go grocery shopping.

Hello Kitty Notebook, Pen and Pencil made with reusable paper and soy ink!

Hello Kitty Love Our Planet Plush! Hello Kitty is dressed in green, ready to recycle and promote environmentally friendly goods.

I find it funny how “Hello Kitty” is printed on the back of her head, but it is still cute!

Side view of our Eco-Friendly Kitty :D

Hello Kitty Secret Santa Giveaway Winner

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Our winner for the Hello Kitty Secret Santa Giveaway is…Random #11

Jamie is the winner of this giveaway!

Congratulations to you! Please check your email and respond back within 48 hours of the initial email.

Thank you again for participating!

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