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MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

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Hong Kong’s MTR [Mass Transit Railway] collaborated with Sanrio in 2007 to release a limited edition MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection. The six different Hello Kitty in uniform represents the roles of the staff serving every day at Hong Kong’s MTR was released between July 16th to September 2nd, 2007 :] Special thanks to Helena for this awesome collection <3

2007 MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

Group Station Manager:

[Released Jul 16th to 22nd, 2007]

“I am responsible for the effective management of a group of stations. This includes allocating and monitoring the performance of station staff to provide a swift and efficient all around service for our passengers and ensure they enjoy a conformable, safe and reliable journey.”

Station Assistant:

[Released Jul 23rd to 29th, 2007]

“My job is to keep order on the platform. My main duty is to help passengers board the trains in a safe and efficient manner so every passenger enjoys a smooth MTR train service.”

Technician [Rolling Stock]:

[Released Jul 30th to Aug 5th, 2007]

“My job is to carry out detailed checks, tests, maintenance and repairs of MTR trains to make sure we provide a high quality, safe, comfortable and reliable service for our passengers.”

Passenger Train Operator:

[Released Aug 6th to 12th, 2007]

“My main duty is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the trains. I am also responsible for passenger safety and maintaining the punctuality of the trains to meet our high service standards.”

Assistant Fire & Security Supervisor:

[Released Aug 13th to 19th, 2007]

“I am responsible for overseeing and monitoring the fire safety and security in the train depots. I am fully prepared for emergencies and will follow up on any incidents to make sure our MTR staff and equipment are safe.”

Technician [Infrastructure Maintenance]

[Released Aug 20th to 26th, 2007]

“I carry out through checks, tests, maintenance and repairs of the tracks and signaling system to ensure a safe, swift and reliable MTR train service to our passengers.”

A limited edition Hello Kitty MTR train was also available to house all the Hello Kitty Heroes. [Released Aug 27th to Sep 2nd, 2007]


For more information regarding MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection, you can check out Sanriotown’s Blog: Hello Kitty MTR’s Latest Baby. For information about Hong Kong’s MTR, please visit their official website:

Hello Kitty Secret Santa Giveaway

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Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which friends and family are randomly assigned another person in their party whom they give a gift anonymously. This year my workplace decided to set up a Secret Santa gift exchanged. I was invited to participate by my manager, who entered me without even informing me :/ The names of all the co-workers were placed in a brown bag, and we each draw a name. We also provided a short wishlist of items, my manager already knew what I wanted and put it in for me, I bet you can guess that? HELLO KITTY :D

This wallet is very cute, but I think it can go to a better home. I am deciding this give this Hello Kitty Multi Bow Hinged Wallet away to one lucky person. Please follow the guidelines to enter and remember you must follow all the rules accordingly for your entries to count.


TO ENTER: Make a comment and tell me what you received this Hello Kitty Christmas. [This rule must be followed for all entries to count.]


Follow me on Twitter, make another comment and let me know your twitter name. Tweet this: ”Enter to win Hello Kitty Multi Bow Hinged Wallet from @ihearthellokt:

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January 15th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST, winners will be randomly selected by from all valid entries and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond from the initial email. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! as of 12/29:]


Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear

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The Exclusive Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Colors by Sanrio Build-A-Bear is released today at your local Build-A-Bear store or online.

Picture taken by Build-A-Bear

Remember seeing these Hello Kitty Colors by Sanrio Build-A-Bear at Hello Kitty’s Three Apple Exhibit? I had to admit they’re so cute :]

Now you can create your very own Hello Kitty Colors by Sanrio Build-A-Bear at your local Build-A-Bear workshop. They even have a huge selection of Hello Kitty clothing and accessories, you can choose from tops to pants, dresses to skirts and shoes to purses. After purchasing your Hello Kitty, you will be able to choose a name for her and you will also received a birth certificate to registered her in their system [in case she gets lost somewhere, you'll find her back.]

35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Colors by Sanrio Build-A-Bear released December 26th, 2009

Hello Kitty by Sanrio Build-A-Bear released 2007

Tropical Hello Kitty by Sanrio Build-A-Bear released May 30th, 2008

Sunkissed Hello Kitty by Sanrio Build-A-Bear May 30th, 2008

For more information regarding the Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear or all other bear friends, please visit the Build-A-Bear Website.

Hello Kitty Snowboard

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“Tis the season to be jolly…fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la” it’s that time of the year where everyone loves to head to the mountains. I cannot even remember when is the last time I’ve seen snow, maybe 4 years ago when I was in Japan :D James and I were talking about going up to the mountain this year. He got me so excited! I wanted my very own snowboard. But as you can see I don’t just want any ordinary snowboard, I wanted a Hello Kitty snowboard and it was definitely hard to find. About two weeks ago, eBay was auctioning a “Baby Blue Angel Hello Kitty Snowboard” sold to a lucky person for $455 USD, just looking at the bill made me sad :[

I was hunting for Hello Kitty items on a local classified advertisement website and saw a Hello Kitty snowboard up for sale. I immediately called the person to see if it was still available :D and went on the very same day to pick it up. I couldn't afford to miss out on this lucky offer, how often do you see people selling a Hello Kitty snowboard within your budget? Very very rare!

Hello Kitty snowboard and Hello Kitty surfboard at Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary Three Apples Exhibit :]

This Hello Kitty snowboard is officially mine <3 The very same design they had at the Three Apples exhibit!

Close up front view of the Hello Kitty snowboard featured in 1998, Made in Japan. I’m assuming this Hello  Kitty snowboard is a pink leopard design:] Comes with Hello Kitty’s signature and logo!

Close up back view of the Hello Kitty snowboard, it has a pink background with a pink strip in the center along with Hello Kitty’s signature and logo. And on the bottom it says, “Everybody Gets to Shine Sometime”

For the past day, I have been so excited about going snowboarding. I am completely prepared for my first snowboarding experience tomorrow!! Lake Tahoe, here I come <3

Hello Kitty Gingerbread House

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This year we decided to stay away from the traditional gingerbread house. We finally settled on a Hello Kitty inspired gingerbread house :] Gingerbread house making is always a lot of fun especially when you work together with friends and family. You create happy memories and frustrating times while debating how the house should be structure.

Our 2009 Hello Kitty Gingerbread House :D

Left Side View Hello Kitty Gingerbread House

Right Side View Hello Kitty Gingerbread House

Close up picture of Hello Kitty Gingerbread House

Our Hello Kitty Gingerbread House collapse a few minutes after we completed the house, but making the house was totally worth it. Next year will definitely be better, maybe an actual plan on how we’ll make the house :D

For more pictures, please view slideshow video via YouTube: Hello Kitty Gingerbread House