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Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set

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With holiday season is just around the corner, Sanrio started another awesome promotion, if you make any purchase over $125, you will automatically qualify for a free Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set<3 When I received the email promotion, I hesitated for a while. But I decided to buy it anyways thinking how often does Hello Kitty candles come along. Yes, very rare, in fact there are only 130 sets available:]

My package finally arrived today! I was so excited I decided make a trip to the UPS store instead of waiting for them to come in the evening.

The package was done very well :]

Hello Kitty Packaging

Along with my candle set, I received:

Hello Kitty Wristlet and Name Card Case

Hello Kitty Fluffy Wristlet Pouch and Hello Kitty Leopard Name Card Case

Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Sandy Handbag

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Purse

Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set

and lastly Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set!

You can also find this promotion online at

Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set

5 Responses to “Hello Kitty Holiday Candle Set”

  1. James says:

    Oo nice! I want to get some candles too!

  2. DessertObsessed says:

    Oooh i have that tokidoki purse too! you got a good haul! i love the fuzzy wristlet!

  3. ihearthellokitty says:

    I saw that on your blog:] You got the boston one right? I can’t believe you flew all the way to New York to get it <3 For Hello Kitty & Dessert!

  4. Christina N. says:

    Oh! This is the purse I saw you carrying at the AACF sleepover! VERY CUTE! I love the candles too! :)

  5. Amy says:

    hahhaa wow… hello kitty candles! that’s a first for me.

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