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Hello Kitty Target Sightseeing

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I was at Target today, on a mission to look for a Hello Kitty Pumpkin Basket. Instead I found myself standing near the entrance in the $1 section for a good 10 minutes. I was so lucky because it had just arrived at the Target that I went to, so everything was still fully stocked!


Hello Kitty Coloring & Activity Book


Hello Kitty Mini Scented Highlighter, Mini Gel Pen, Mini Ball Pen, Push Crayon, Push Pencil and Double Sided Marker


Hello Kitty 2pc. Necklace Earring Set, 2pc. Necklace Bracelet Set and 4pc. Ponies in three different colors.


Hello Kitty Grosgrain Ribbon, Playing Card, Backpack Clips in two different colors.


Hello Kitty Die Cut Sticker Pad, Vaccum Sticker and Flocked Sticker


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 1


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 2


Hello Kitty Dry Erase Board Design 3


Hello Kitty Lip Gloss in three different styles.

Hello Kitty Halloween Party

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Celebrate Halloween with Hello Kitty:] I decided to pay another visit to Royal/T, I love Trick-or-Treating when I was a kid. And when they say, Hello Kitty Halloween Party! It means massive Hello Kitty candies! We arrived a little earlier than last Saturday, thinking that there may be more people than last week, but it wasn’t as bad.

When the doors opened at 10am, we received our free gift bags again! Guess what was inside? A Hello Kitty Toothbrush, just in time for Halloween. Yes! Hello Kitty is warning us to brush our teeth after eating all the candies we’ll be getting tonight:] Thank you!

I was starving by the time we got inside, so we decided to eat at the cafe for the first time!


We originally ordered Hello Kitty I <3 Pancakes and School is Fun Ham & Cheese Tramazzini, but apparently our waitress brought out the wrong order and we got Hello Kitty Super Yummy Waffles too:D

After breakfast, we made our way to the back of the art gallery. And I found myself in front of Hello Kitty’s Haunted House.


I took my scary photo at Hello Kitty’s Haunted House.


And got a treat for wearing a costume! My treat was a Hello Kitty Fan from Japan, it matched my Hello Kitty Yukata. Thank you Dave from Sanrio :]

I visited the Hello Kitty Pumpkin Patch, featuring handed painted pumpkins by Sarah Incognito. You can also pick up one of the large pumpkin for $50, medium for $25 and small for $5.


I brought in my Hello Kitty-inspired carved pumpkin and received a gift.


I love to paint! I’m planning to turn this into a Hawaiian Hello Kitty:] I’ll post up pictures after it’s been painted.


THE MAKING OF MY HELLO KITTY PUMPKIN by James Son with help by me! This was our first attempt and we only had one pumpkin to work with, all the nice pumpkins were gone by the time we got our hands on this one. The pumpkin will be displaying on our balcony :D


I met Angela for the very first time in person! Back in Oct. 2006, I created the “i <3 hello kitty” Facebook group and she added me as a friend. We have been Facebooking each other ever since my group was created. She flew in from New York, just to visit Hello Kitty’s Three Apple Event, I envy her so much! And I really wish I can travel like that!


Picture with Hello Kitty at her Halloween Party @ Three Apples Exhibition Celebrating her 35th Birthday :]

Hello Kitty Fan Appreciation Day

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I have been excited all week. Today is the day! Hello Kitty wants to says Thank You for all our loving support! With a special guest appearance by “Kitty Mama” Yuko Yamaguchi [Hello Kitty's head designer] she flew in all the way from Tokyo Japan! And creator of Tokidoki, Simone Legno, as he launch the exclusive Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 35th anniversary collection!


While waiting in line, I met Yazmin:] She came out all the way from Pasadena this morning, that’s a long drive! Hopefully I’ll see you again at future Hello Kitty Events!


Upon receiving our gift bags, we went inside Royal/T to grab 2 copies of the Tokidoki for Hello Kitty posters. Then we jump into the other line for the artist signing. Without thinking, I realize we had to wait another 2 and half hours because the signing takes place at 1pm.


Tokidoki for Hello Kitty Poster, $20. Only 200 copies were available.


I met Simone Legno for the very first time. He’s such a sweet guy, he signed my poster and card board holder:] It’s like two poster in one package, totally worth it!


I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with Kitty Mama because someone had told me I wasn’t allow to take a picture with her at the signing:[ I ran into her later in the afternoon when the signing  ended and manage to snap a quick picture with her. Did you know it was also Kitty Mama's birthday today? Happy Birthday and Thank You again for coming out to "Three Apples."


Picture with Hello Kitty on Fan Appreciation Day @ Three Apples Exhibit Celebrating her 35th Birthday:]


Three Apples: Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary

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Today marks the grand opening of Hello Kitty’s Three Apples Exhibit, it is the first and only official Hello Kitty event hosted by Sanrio in North America. I always dreamt of going to one of these events in Asia and now it’s here. In honor of Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday, Sanrio has collaborated with JapanLA to host this event at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City, CA. Here is a brief summary of the event I extracted from their web page.

  • Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35 anniversary at “Three Apples” and fill your heart with Hello Kitty Colors:hellokittythreeapplescolors
  • A Hello Kitty art gallery curated by Jamie Rivadeneira, owner of JapanLA with collaborations of over 80+ contemporary artists and fans.
  • A Hello Kitty Apartment featuring wall-to-wall Hello Kitty products.
  • A Retrospective gallery of Hello Kitty’s product since 1974 to present. With kitty items along with collaboration with Betsey Johnson, Paul Frank, Tokidoki and MAC. Featuring a more “unique” section with special items, “Only in Japan.”
  • For the next three weeks of celebration, fans are invited to Hello Kitty breakfasts and tea parties, fan appreciation day, Halloween party, birthday party, meet the artist party, bats and cats masquerade party and fashion show. All events are free of charge<3
  • Don’t forget to visit the pop-up store with Japanese imported goods and pick up a limited edition item from Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary collection.

For more details you can visit the official Sanrio’s Three Apples Page.

As for me, for the next three weeks, I’ll be occupying myself with many Hello Kitty events to come:] I arrived super early today with about 5-6 people ahead of me. There wasn’t a crowd since today is Friday, most people were probably at work or school. So, I loaded myself with picture every around the corner, hoping that I didn’t miss any spots.

hellokittythreeapple (55)

“By attending this event you consent to be photographed and/or filmed and agree to the free use of your image for promotional and publication purposes. Thank you and have fun!”

hellokittythreeapple (0)hellokittythreeapple (1)hellokittythreeapple (2)hellokittythreeapple (3)hellokittythreeapple (4)hellokittythreeapple (5)hellokittythreeapple (6)hellokittythreeapple (7)hellokittythreeapple (8)hellokittythreeapple (9)hellokittythreeapple (10)hellokittythreeapple (11)hellokittythreeapple (12)hellokittythreeapple (13)hellokittythreeapple (14)hellokittythreeapple (15)hellokittythreeapple (16)hellokittythreeapple (21)hellokittythreeapple (22)hellokittythreeapple (23)hellokittythreeapple (24)hellokittythreeapple (25)hellokittythreeapple (26)hellokittythreeapple (27)hellokittythreeapple (28)hellokittythreeapple (29)hellokittythreeapple (30)hellokittythreeapple (31)hellokittythreeapple (32)hellokittythreeapple (33)hellokittythreeapple (34)hellokittythreeapple (35)hellokittythreeapple (36)hellokittythreeapple (37)hellokittythreeapple (38)hellokittythreeapple (39)hellokittythreeapple (40)hellokittythreeapple (41)hellokittythreeapple (42)hellokittythreeapple (52)hellokittythreeapple (53)hellokittythreeapple (54)hellokittythreeapple (56)hellokittythreeapple (57)hellokittythreeapple (58)hellokittythreeapple (59)hellokittythreeapple (61)hellokittythreeapple (62)

They also have a Hello Kitty claw machine/UFO catcher:

hellokittythreeapple (60)

You also get this Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary 5 Pack Plush at your local Target, $19.99 and Toys R Us $22.99. It was $1 for 2 tries here at “Three Apples:] GOOD LUCK!


Photo by Hello Kitty Airstream. “In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday this custom designed Hello Kitty Airstream Trailer will be offered in an exclusive auction on Ebay!” For more information you can check out their web page.

hellokittythreeapple (44)hellokittythreeapple (45)hellokittythreeapple (46)hellokittythreeapple (47)hellokittythreeapple (48)hellokittythreeapple (49)hellokittythreeapple (50)hellokittythreeapple (51)hellokittythreeapple (43)

I manage to take a few shots of the inside before they take off tomorrow. I spoke with the owner and he said the airstream will be sitting in storage before the new owner takes over. I’m so sad to see it go!

hellokittythreeapple (17)hellokittythreeapple (18)

hellokittythreeapple (19)hellokittythreeapple (20)

And yes of course I visited the pop-up store. I walked out spending more than I had expected:] But, it was totally worth it for the limited edition kitty<3